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    senator rapper audition

    by , 04-06-2019 at 12:27 AM (59 Views)
    Have trouble recalling some dreams, did not jot down at night, was very tired. I need to improve on that for better recall and clarity.

    Had a very short ld, tried visualization wild again, perhaps too early in rem cycle so it was short.

    dreams were long... very long... a week long events?


    something about a house, inside the house


    ld. wild visual, found self in room immediately lucid and looked around


    The senator

    Dream about a blond guy 40s, pretty handsome and skinny. American, new york or some big city. I am in his shoes. I'm suppos to become the senator or something but I am backtracking in time of sorts to change career path of sorts. I headd into a club, populated with aboriginese I think, and we are partying and discussing. Alot of stuff but hard to recall. I'm suppose to head home. But do I go with the current path (becoming senator) or go with something else?

    I head home and talk to his relatives. They are offering 3 options for career. The senate, doctor, researcher kind of. End up picking researcher, heads to china. Research about lucid dreaming or dream related (I should be lucid lol). Have 3 choices of area of focus. One is dream, one is lobsters (seafood), one more I forget. I pick dream as we are in this amazing massive units of foodstalls with amazing foods. I head up to an elevator to join the group and I get ambushed, attacked. Co-reseachers pushed out the building. etc etc.

    forgotten keyfigures:
    old black wisewoman -on the heavier side, very wise and a kindly woman, met at the club
    agents - trying to stop me from researching dreams
    dream family - met a mother and some siblings (I think all sisters?)

    Black rapper

    Still recalling details. I was a black guy, in mid to late twenties, story is somewhat similar to above. Trying to decide on career and what not. Going through places and things. After some stuff happens (lasts about an afternoon duration) I find my father. I also find the father of a friend. The dad tried to be someone else because his son didn't have a mom, but his son is fine with his dad as he is kind of deal. We are on a train. So I talk to my dream dad and we are discussing things. He gets off and I forget to get off because I am doing some amazing rapping . I don't have money on me so what should I do? Characters from previous dream are here. One of the nice lady from the last dream gives me some money, about $3632 or something very close. I say I'll pay her back tenfolds. I get off the train and get robbed immediately lolol


    Karaoke audition
    I had a chainsaw for the first half of the dream, I have trouble recalling what I did but it lasted for the morning to noon ish in perceived time. Met some comedians and kind of stuff I think related to showbiz kind of things.

    Heads into an office, the chainsaw goes out of control, my dad helps me fix fold it up. We are getting on an elevator and I need to get off for an audition. But it's at the base flooor and the building is like 100 floors tall. I don't think I'll make it in time and the comedian from before gives me a pair of parachute and I breakthrough the elevator's window that shows the outside and jumps out. They are like do you even know how to use it!? The comedian reassures everyone else "Don't worry, it'll work out."

    I head down to the surface, they are holding a singing audition. I get to my turn but my rival or something picks a bad song for me to sing. Not doing well. The comedian comes to save the day again, he picks a song and it sounds like a maroon 5 song style tunes but lyrics are different. I sing it and do kind of bad. Anyways I am leaving and I am called back for something... I can't remember.



    REPLAY THE DREAM events 2-3 times in your head upon wake. YOU RECALL IT PERFECT; BETTER THAN BAD SCRIBBLES!

    Dream plots likely beliefs about how musicians and rappers are like, very broke unless you make it.

    The LD research? Maybe getting deeper into LD practice. Before it was university, and high school etc. Now it's advanced research!

    I think the dreams about singing is from me singing alot yesterday right before meditation, may have distracted me too much. I also heard a kind of rap tune in my head and things I create but didn't. Indicating fast incubation and perhaps part of me wanted to try out more. I could sing but never rap- its too fast. Thought of audition also - incubated.

    But I should know this; anything music related before meditation makes me too energetic. It's fun but do not do it before meditation. I could have meditated better.

    I had some pretty bad doubts in my heart. I think it started last night but it was very hard to tell and it got very strong today. Pretty tough. Probably very indicative of another growth phase of my LD practice. Temptation was very strong.

    Did the best shadow work to date and I think I am super now. I am super!

    I think the ld was short from doing it very early in sleep cycle from one of my awakenings, so if I choose to go hard at wild and things I should put it later into sleep. But even though I was disappointed in myself, I still did get lucid, and that's a truth I had to convince myself during shadow work.




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