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    by , 05-31-2019 at 04:21 AM (66 Views)
    2 very short Ld. Was during nap.

    First one I was lucid and saw people sitting around me. Their face was vivid and I had a feeling dream was going to end soon. It did.

    Second one was short as well. I think i was distracted by something when I woke. Still recalling.

    I recalled more of it. I tbink i was seeing the mountains and its forestry and thought to myself "oh I'm dreaming"


    Trying new technique of recalling things I did most recently. I decided on 3 things.

    Just very tired lacked sleep. Had to wake to do something so might be cause of reduced recall as well.

    Used practical alarm clock audio

    Felt like I had trouble sleeping so tried to find a mid way of focus and relaxation. That probably helps lucid.

    Combine meditation. Vestibular sound breath

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