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    Simulator spaceship

    by , 06-17-2019 at 09:51 PM (81 Views)
    I had 3 lds the last one I am trying to recall. I thought I'd try to stay still and try for deild like last night so didn't jot much. I was non lucid after though, maybe it's because I forgot to meditate or visualize doing it first thing in ld to set my mind in proper state. Still was doing mild and multiple sleep periods.

    I was just lucid from beginning of dream. I think it was WILD.

    Ld1: I am in a futuristic building. The interior looked similar to what you sold see inside a futuristic spaceship sort of thing. In looking around and find a special room. It's interior is round like ( ) but hexagon like. I got the impression that it's sort of a simulation machine like vr but more powerful. It was used by ppl to experience stuff that felt real. I am in there and a scene begins to materialize that was produced by this room bits by bits.

    Ld2: I was in an amusement park like place. I think it began near a vending machine and I was looking at it. I was walking across seats of a ride to the other side of it where my classmates of this trip were. It was like a field trip and we all hanged out for a while. There was a skinny guy in the group that treated me badly and I tried to confront him alone. Show him whos boss. But I had sensations that I needed to pee pretty badly so I decided to wake up to pee.

    Ld3: it was short, did not write - I think it was same place as ld1 but it was a school instead.
    Nlds: I was at a beach. Fusion of senses.

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