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    by , 05-22-2019 at 03:05 AM (71 Views)
    Expand later maybe


    Wrong deck for hearthstone nerfed deck.


    Strong guy who didn't move arms much, used arms as fulcrum. He walked through M, near the Mall.


    Nicole, school, about dad issues. Escape away. Use technique from guy in last dream. Avoid guns in 3rd person by averting sight via bushes etc.

    Near mall area still.

    End up in a pool park like tall thing. Need to climb down. Dreadlocks black guy teaches me how to climb down unstable swaying ladder.

    Fear of heights?

    Keep running.

    Fa/scene change

    Cave, water. 3 of us are slaves. Escape. Gain freedom. Chinese dynasty style age. Dirt roads. 700ad to 1000? Wearing rags. Find merchant, get bad vibe. Meet monks/priests, they are scammers. Find emperors palace need to avoid it or get persecuted. Need to find some where that would accept a previous slave.

    Find martial artist home. Find the grandmaster give strong handshake. They are good ppl. Wanted to learn from them. He wants to buy my 5 balloons for 750 talons or whatever currency each.



    Have control in dream. Awareness but not lucid of the fact that it is a dream. But knows that I can control it.

    Likely need to add "dream?" to awareness or grc to incubate stronger lucidity.

    Continuation of some topic in dream. Maybe from clearer thoughts.

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