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    spy, flying robo, detective

    by , 05-22-2020 at 09:05 PM (76 Views)
    I think this one is a continuation of other dreams of similar theme. The environment appeared to be similar to them. I probably forgot he initial bits but I will add on as I recall more.

    The last scene took place inside the warehouse which was the back end of the large corperation like building of the evil corp or something like that. I was in the back and found a gun in one of the boxes in the back. I took the gun and looked for ammos as I shot at the ones after me. I was like a spy/thief sort of character. Anyways I am running and trying to find ammos and shooting. I find a flying machine, it wasn't a plane but more of a glider and I went inside it and glided away.

    -I believe that I dreamt about the glider because I watched videos about flying cars the previous night before sleep.

    I glided away and saw the landscape of the area. It was way up there in the jagged mountains and I'm not sure exactly where but I'd say it was somewhere in Asia, maybe not even earth but it gave me that impression that it was an asian place.

    This part of the memory may have been overlapping with the next dream, perhaps they both had similar theme in the mountains or the gliders but they were seperate dreams, just a little fuzzy since I didn't try to recall the dream when I awoke or DJ.


    Touring up a mountain. I remember I found my dad there and I flew up and away on something. Landscape like the mountains. I flew back eventually and did something else.


    I was inside a house, an unknown house and I forget what I was doing but I was headed towards something like the garage. I found a sort of a large robot that could fit a person in the middle and I climbed on it. It began to fly up in the air and I recall that it was an experimental device or something.

    - probably again influenced by the flying car video

    I was in the middle of the flying robo device and I had trouble sitting comfortably. I think the person who flew it before me had set it so that it would fly in the laying position for the user, like how a lambogini would make you lay down as you drive it sort of thing. So I was trying to adjust the robo so I would be sitting up.

    I was a student and there was some mystery case going on at the school. There were police and detectives trying to find out waht happend to the missing girl or something. I remember being inside a glass building, you know liek those highrise where the majority of the exterior is glassy window sort of building. Anywho my mother was apparently on the case so I thought I'd help her out. I followed her in the car and ended up in the school. We were looking for clues at the school and I went upstairs unto the second floor and there was a garden there and I thought that there might be a clue hidding underneath the dirt of this garden. The detective came to help me and as we unearthed the dirt she found an eraser, but it was shaped weird. Inside the eraser was another eraser and inside that was what we'd thought was a clue to the case. There was some sort of pill shaped thing. I recall that we were looking for something like that but that was supposed to be gold. Like a gold accesory that the girl had. Anyways we left the building and was right beside a shop that sold like fish and fishboxes that people get to keep their pet fishes. The detective was telling me that they wanted me to join in on the case.
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