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    Staff, virus, nonsexual reproduction

    by , 10-03-2019 at 04:12 AM (71 Views)

    I was at some high school. It wasn't the most familiar one. It was well lit and bright. I saw being chased by x and gangs and I found a staff to fight them back. With the staff I poked them until they gave in. But there were others after me from behind too, so I poked them with the staff as well.

    None could stop me with a staff lol.


    It appeared to be the same school as previous or similar. The arrangement of the building was very reminiscent of the takeover dream by middle eastern empire dream.

    I was within the school and went outside. I forget where i was exactly after but I was with a group. They were students of the same school and we were arguing about something. I recall that I'd shaved my head inside the dream lol. We were still holding on the debate, but about what? I think I was getting more people in my side.

    I am in a different scene. Inside the school. I see a mirror or in third person and I'm this skinny Asian girl with shaved head now. Looked like amy. It was not a pleasant sight really. I regretted shaving my head. I went out again and we were still arguing but in a car this time. It was a jeep or similar. We were arguing about stuff and some students starts to become weird. They were infected with a sort of a virus and starts to grow rapidly like uncontrollable cancer. They grow and creep against objects like a fleshy mold, infecting others upon contract. We keep escaping... To space?

    Space, physical reproduction

    I was now in space. But was it space really? It felt like some strange realm away from earth. Pale pillars and stuff, hard to describe.

    There was some sort of alien or a creature there. He begins to communicate to me telepathically via visions.

    He showed me visions of humans in long past; they reproduced non physically or sexually. But one day a foreign entity had come and proceeded to sexually reproduce with humans until sexual reproduction became a norm for humans.

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