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    Success! Kamehameha! Visualization

    by , 04-04-2019 at 08:22 PM (106 Views)
    Was heartbroken when I awoke again, had couple of nld, maybe alot but I was uninspired to write them(also was too tired from really constant grc) . But I noted a few. I realized if I kept going with these emotions I'd lose. It hurt but I read the quote "temptation to quit is strongest before success" and I read skippers mild again. I still didn't feel it. It wasn't resistance but lack of oomph. I asked myself what would I do if I was already at my goal .?

    I would visualize what I'd do.. I read a quick guide. And saw shadowy images, changed it and moved it as I once again drifted to sleep. And I did it! Lucid the entire time, I think about 7 scene changes. I belive 3-4 real awakenings where I was back in bed and I heard sounds outside, but I went back by revisualizing.

    Dreams :
    Missed a couple or many, didn't write down.

    I bought an iPad and it was damaged, tried to repair but the board was damaged with juice. My dad was playing Mario on an android tablet. Computer. We had outside into a forest trail but I didn't want to give up on fixing it up so I went back to the office. The rooms were dark.lights didn't work. I tried all the lights and finally found one that worked.


    +this is the first time I managed to get the lights working in a dream!
    Also might be a memory about getting a broken electronic

    Lucid chains: visualization wild?
    Looked at particles behind eyes dark, formed images, let it morph or changed it.just relaxed and slowly scenes formed.
    Don't remember all, was 7+ I think. Jotted down a few memorable or remembered. Was less engaged early on but got more clear and real sensation. I'll count the 4 I remember

    Start visualization

    Objects and stuff,

    Just looking at scenery, trees mountains.


    Legend of Olaf. I'm the shapeshifter yet again. I see people doing a play. The protagonist of the story is Olaf, a legendary warrior and his tales played by a handsome guy with long flowing blond hair. They only got the hair part right! I was blonde back when I was doing those feats, as I transform into the real Olaf appearance and watches the play. I walk away and t into a shadowy building dark inside. It's like a mainframe or something. Can see places or memories in each room. I had into a door.


    I'm at a beach, I remembered to do something. I read the toty (toty save planet vegeta) and wanted to try learning Kamehameha. Dbz universe. I'm standing by the shore, I begin getting into the position and say Kamehameha! Boom did it but it's not long. Tried again, still more like an elongated ball. Tried other side, like a lefty, still small. I'm shooting these into the ocean as some Dbz characters are swimming or floating around. I get tired of this and decide to do it my way , I thought doing it like Freiza would be easier so I create a tiny blue orb on my finger and throw it into the ocean. I use my mind to expand the orb and its a little too effective. It's getting too big and it might hurt others so I neutralize it. Phew.


    Shapeshifter again.
    I'm at a door outside of an elementry school shift into a kid, some kids are picking a fight on me. Don't think I need any superpower so I just dodge and get away as they trip and fall. Have some trouble recalling. Was going through the halls there is a very large and tall girl there, I read her mind. Im suppose to be looking for this black haired boy. I go around and find him by the stairs.


    I'm at a classroom in high school like setting, two girls there talking wearing Japanese uniform. I talk to them and we play a game but I start think about physical body, get worried about waking up



    Visualization worked

    Visualize again when it fades, keep doing it. When the pictures start moving its close to dream

    If waking up visualize again so u can reenter dream

    Focus on dream, be present or awareness like grc, helps stay in dream.

    Keep emotion in check. Maybe mild about calmness or just grc more

    These shapeshifter series are really cool, persistence?

    Mission accomplished - learned Kamehameha kind of


    Keep improving!

    Always lucid every dream

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