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    by , 11-10-2019 at 02:42 AM (77 Views)
    First dream was lucid again. When I awoke I decided to not dj though. I had the fear of maybe having trouble getting back to sleep if I got up. So can't remember it much.

    I remember pleasant feelings though. A house or cozy mansion.

    *should have resolved fear here

    Had a couple of non lucid after. They kind of overwhelmed the memory of previous dream.

    I remember dodging bullets from pistol whip.

    *I was worried earlier in day that this might influence my dream. The belief did I think.


    Diablo. Gaming pc. Moving out the apartment.

    Saw this apartment before in a dream.

    Next dream

    Psychic Ambush
    I was inside a house. Some ppl there. We were attacked by something. The house was similar to house #34. But different.either way I was in this house before inside a dream.

    *there was an earthquake here in this house before in another dram. now another calamity here again.

    We were espers or something, a group of us.attacked by another group or entity. They seemed familiar.



    Eventually I am some kind of demon king or something. There was also a typical hero- reminded me of goku.

    We (my evil gang not really evil though) got away and we were going to meet up at a restaurant to the west, maybe north.

    I walked or ran for a while, 2km or so. I met my right hand there. She was stunningly elegant as always. 2 plates of raw meat that looked like tartar was in front of us. I think other crew member shows up. The hero shows up.

    I decided to teleport far away and just watch them have fun. The hero and I didn't get along so I wanted the others to enjoy the get together at least. I watched them over with magical sights from a building far away.

    Could be related to a previous dream.

    Maybe I should have joined them. Who knows maybe the hero would have welcomed me. Perhaps should face that fear next time.

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