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    Trees, window

    by , 07-02-2019 at 04:28 PM (53 Views)
    Nld spaceship vr, playing with a friend . Failed controlling while flying up and died. Did not want to be driver. Two more joined , 4 played, why am I the driver?

    WILD trees woke,

    Tried again, burn in vision of trees, vision, epiphany cycle of life burial, to plant, to feeding of future generations.

    The wheel of life, stand sit in z axis like Buddha, stillness.


    Bad crowd, house near university. Bad lady tricking others forcing others to crime. Rowdy bunch fighting over spotlight. Heading to darkness. Fending off bad guy with scissor to the death. Escaping parkour. Escape for year or so. Police on look out, one saw me, pretended to be cat. Policemen chase me. Park away. Parkour towards cliff. Betrayed by another who was tricked. Pushed into ocean. Replay cliff scene once.

    Going through a residence girls dorm. Wanted to leave from window, window multi layered. Lucid.

    Window = earlier in day.

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