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    Tried very hard, fire elemental

    by , 06-27-2019 at 06:53 AM (51 Views)
    I tried very hard. It was pretty much Ada. Perhaps maybe 10 min longest of non awareness or mindfulness.

    No lds though. A bit disappointing and dissuading. But it was very interesting to be able to observe every thought. I did not do it as hard today but I still practiced it for most of the day. It helped to change or redirect a certain negative thought pattern for sure. Astounding progress in certain ways really if you don't consider it only as a ld practice.

    I tried injecting thoughts regarding dream each time my thoughts wandered to help question reality while dreaming.

    I did do mild with sw and got some excitement but maybe not 100% feeling. Nor did I visualize it much. I thought I did well but I could probably improve a lot more.

    Dreams :

    Had 3 long ones, 2 notes were gibberish though. I should just take 1 second longer to make 2 words legible then id remember it all.

    I was on the upper most floor of the jap school. My teacher was doing a presentation I recall she was not one that I liked. Me and a friend decide to play hooky. I wanted to go to bathroom so we leave. We head down the stairs to the right and pass classrooms of kids from lower grades.

    We head to the right on the ground floor and we pass through the kindergarten area. I ask them how to get to bathroom. Etc

    We go further and into hell or something similar. Hot lava place. Pretty nice temp. We gotta get some thing to help us through demons down here. Although most are chill some are not. We end up getting a familiar or something like a fire elemental.

    Long arse journey. We go through many series of puzzles and rooms, fighting some drunk demons by bars and gain new abilities and what not as we progress to get to...

    The bathroom. It was pretty dirty there.

    Peed in dream but I was safe. Decided to wake up to check.

    Perhaps a little lucid in the end after all.

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