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    1. Rock Paper Scissors

      by , 07-11-2020 at 04:53 AM

      It began inside a classroom on the first floor. Science class-like. I went upstairs to go to the bathroom and as I was walking through the halls, I fainted. It was towards the one end of the hall and when I came to, two girls there helped me up. I was groggy and one of the girl put my arm around her shoulder or something similar to that and helped me walk. We walked downstairs and then took one of the doors outside, I told her I'd probably be ok and thanked her for helping me. I found Steven in the yard and this was the second time I found him around here in the dream. I was headed towards my class or just towards the direction of home and I found Y there. I asked Y where my stuff went, since I was gone for a while. And he said he didn't know

      I think I took a bus home after this.

      Undead Ruins

      I was right outside of a church or a church like building, maybe chapel. But I was on the right side of it. My consciouness transferred to the inside of the building. There was a princess there and I noticed someone hiding behind the closet. It was an assassin and his name was Ahaha. Basically the princess was targetted for her seat in the throne sort of deal. But the assassin Ahaha was dead so she made it out ok. Now I'm back outside the building, and I see another princess here. This was the third princess of this country and I told her that Ahaha was dead and that her plan failed. Suprisingly Ahaha was the prince of this country. I think he was the second prince.

      Heading out of the country now. We formed a company or just a group of us and headed to the nearby ruins. I was sort of far but not that far. I could still see the castle from there but it was far away. A hidden entrance way at the bottom of the mountain and a way out near the top. The under monster here was sort of like a zombie. Sort of blurry memories here, purged some undead and we were at top. There was like a board there and showed something. But we were going to head back to the kingdom or head to the next now. But before we went, I had some ability to materialize and bend metals so I did that to make weapons for the others there.

      -maybe the same area as the kingdom dreams lately

      Rock paper scissors
      I was on the second floor of a warehouse like building. Or a warehouse remodelled to be a sort of a loft. On the bed with a few others there. Our job here was some sort of bounty hunter and two of them were getting ready for their job. I just stayed there for a while until some ppl came. There was a party here today. Some little girl came up and wanted to do rock paper scissors. But she made up some specific rule. I did scissors and she did too, but she said that it was double RPScissors and that her scissors beat mine. Anyways we were deciding who was winning but the old man showed up. He was the boss of this place, a thing old man, with short white hair and a beard. He was asking us what we were doing and I told him about the double RPscissors rules. I was still skeptical of the rules and summoned the Grim Reaper, or something that looked like it. Basically and Elder spirit that would have all the knowledge that mere youngling mortals would never know. And hoped that he'd know every BS rules of it. Grim showed us the rules and advanced hand positions that would beat others. One was the holy hand sign, and that basically split the hand into 3 sections so you had 3 times the power apparently. The other one was the exact opposite. Well it was pretty much the same hand sign, but your fingers grew more fingers at the tip sort of like branches on a tree and it was called the unholy sign.

      After some time had passed we went on a van for a mission or something.

      Notes:I think I figured out what to do to be more lucid. I think it's related to consistency, balance and taking breaks.
    2. Meh

      by , 07-10-2020 at 07:23 AM
      Didn't have even a moment of lucidity. Felt a bit disappointed.

      Scribbles that I can't read but I'll write what I remember.


      Bedroom with huge spiders. Nightmare maybe.


      I was in some sort of medieval themed kingdom maybe magic. Was in the dungeon underneath it and trying to escape it.


      I was in something like a dorm room initially in bedroom. Me and some folks were to complete some quests. Included taking over pirate ship, a sort of gladiator arena. I think the last one was like a cave that was in a mountain cliff. I remember my ex was there on the pirate ship and at the end. I recall in the arena was Bruce Lee. We were transported in between each segment by some small person sized portal. The last area was some sort of floating platform? It was like some floor made of white stone and stairs but there no walls just the sky. I didn't get a good look though.


      Notes: I failed really. I was tired and uninspired. I wasn't paying as much attention to my feelings.
    3. FAs remember

      by , 07-08-2020 at 07:54 PM
      Slept later and woke earlier than usual.

      I had some dream and as I awoke to it on FA. I Djed in my FA. Then I FAed again and Djed there. I realized whats up so I decided to wake up, slight lucidity - intention to wake to DJ. And so I Djed and FAed again. I looked at my DJ and it had stuff I wrote earlier but this was a dream. But since the dream words stayed, I was tricked by the dream. The dream dj had noted "ego" or something like that.

      I left the bedroom and it was an apartment there, felt like it faced the west, the window or veranda did. I shared the bed with one or two ppl, we slept together on that bed. They were already up and in the living. Interacted with them. The dream gave me impression that I was dating them. I went back to bedroom, thought maybe I'd do the laundry.

      I checked my dj and it still had stuff written on it. But there were blocks dancing around... Should be obvious that its a dream but no. I awake and check my dj to see if I wrote anything down but it was blank.

      Notes :
      I begin to have these FADJs often as I restart Djing consistently. They can lead to ld but can be annoying since I'm trying to dj instead doing dream things. Eventually you realize what's up and get lucid. But how do I improve this?

      There's something to this though. I noticed something. You sort of recollect dream memories and get better at it. You get faster and better at it and as you do, you sort of have more time to get lucid? You begin with retroactive lucidity by djing and it becomes more present. You're transcrbing a story of your subconscious and, as you get faster you catch up to it. And when you are consistently faster than the story, then that's when you are consistently ahead of the dream, or lucid, dream control.. Etc

      You transform from a transcriber into a writer of your own dreams.

      Just my thoughts. Be it like staying "fit" in certain aspects. Staying fit with what? I think Blake said it, "I've forgotten, I must remember". REMember what?

      I've forgotten, I must remember.

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    4. class

      by , 07-08-2020 at 02:37 AM
      I was lucid briefly in one of the dreams but I barely remember it right now. Maybe as I write out dreams I will recall it more and more.

      Teacher's lounge
      I was inside the Japanese school again. IT's the exact same one, the same classroom I'm sure. This time I was packing my stuff, preparing to like clean up, for the end of the year or to leave the school. Mostly scrap papers, cleaning my desk. I was thinking about calling back home and as I was leaving, I found my friend M in the room next to the classroom. We were in the next room and this room was a teacher's lounge with some tables, couches and stuff like that, maybe some snacks.


      Origiri Test
      I was in a class or something, taking a test. But before that I was eating an onigiri or Japanese rice ball. Then I took the test.

      Brief Lucid
      says (room)?

      Arena Snakes
      I was inside a jungle. It was some sort of survival situation or a survival game. I was with some folks and went deeper into the jungle. In the middle there was a small arena where people fought. As I was leaving I saw snakes on the floor, a little scared. Some snakes were going after people. One snake, without a body, just the head of a snake came at me or the person next to me. This area I was in was sort of a pit, like a sort of a caved in part of the ground like \____/ . Where the middle of that sat the arena. It was just dirt floor and the ground above it were mostly grass.

      Neville Class
      I was in a class. Not Japanese one. I was in the back of the class and sat with my friends of this dream. We got our tests back and were comparing our scores. I got a perfect or something and was elated but I noticed I did bad on the part 2 of the exam, I think I did average on the third part. I think I know what this represents. But anyways There were some magazines or something that was showing ads for classes taught by our teacher of this classroom, Neville. I was interested in this class in the ads (old ads, from years back), and I wanted to ask him if he was still teaching these. As I was preparing to get to him, I couldn't find the ad, it just got lost in the stack of magazines or newpapers that I had. And the class door was, I could see that the outside of the class was getting clamoured with students for the next class.


      I'm not sure if the test dream and the last dream are related. Could be.

      I think the test result from the last dream represents like a certain aspect of self development.

      Also I think these class dreams could represent something. The Japanese ones. I think they were all in the same classroom on the upper floor. That one, or particular location was when I had to leave Japan back then. Into a foreign land and foreign language. And perhaps that was a traumatic event, or just sad repressed feelings I had back then. I didn't talk about it with anyone and just kept it all to myself. And even if I could talk to someone, there was no one really there. I guess I was sad. I guess I was repressing my feelings. The inner child remembers. I want to let go though. And maybe I thought that I could let go by either graduating from this particular school in my dreams. Maybe that should be a dream goal I thought, to graduate from the school in Japan, then I can let go of it and dream more interesting things.
    5. touch

      by , 07-05-2020 at 09:07 PM
      Math Teacher

      I was in or headed to a larger sized classroom. The person in charge was a math teacher I've known. It was Doug, he was a nice teacher really. In this classroom I had trouble sitting down; I wasn't sure if I should sit on the left or the right side of the class. It was almost like the first day of the class thing. Been having this topic pretty often the last couple of days. But I talked to Doug and he sorted something out, helped to console me... I'm heading to a forest, I think my teacher told me to go there. Rode a heli to a forest.

      Game Forest

      I am somewhere in a forest. I explore the area for a while. But there's a clearing here that's built to stage the arena for a game... For a game? How could this be a game? Brief moment of lucidity. I try to leave this area. Distracted though.


      I think I ended up in some sort of a large casino with multiple floors. This place's familiar though. I think this is the third time I visited this area in my dream. Mike was there. Mike was also there in the previous time I was in this area, was he also in it the first time I was in this place? Towards the end of it we end up winning a prize. I am on the second or the third floor, and the announcer there announces the winner. It was like a lotto or something. $11000 twice or $22000 twice, something like that. Mike was greedy and wanted to spend his new winning to win more. $17 per roll on the slot machines. There was a young skinny black man beside us and he was disappointed in Mike's gambling problems.


      I'm running around some deserted town, it's like some sort of a survival game. I'm exploring and find some sort of space shuttle like thing that's in a horizontal position. Inside there are spaceship like cabinets on the side in all white and some bedrooms that fit the theme. Inside onf of the storage there's some sort of music cds and I play them in the room next to it. I feel like these CDs were someone's desires being manifested. So I thought that I could probably manifest something... Lucid by now. I manifest pills to help lucidity. There was a box of pills with its brand name printed on the box "Runa". I think it's suppose to be "Luna" but misprinted but I take it anyways. I begin to realize the dream is fading and I gobble up the rest of the box to compensate... but I should have just engaged the sense of touch more to the surroundings to make it last longer.



    6. It's ok

      by , 07-04-2020 at 07:06 AM
      I'll just write short summaries.

      First one was in house 254. There was Mike and his friends or something. A party going on. There was a tube that shot out rice, fed you automatically.


      I was in my bedroom and lucid. I decided to change parts of my body. I think I should have touched the things around my environment to put my senses more into the dream and engage in the dream place more. That would have probably made it last longer.


      I was in some sort of academy. It's a familiar one, been there a couple of times in the dream. I was in my dorm bed of this academy and headed to class.

      Went to class and found a seat. Felt like I didn't fit in. Was about to leave but the teacher was nice. She told me to stay. I did acrobatic stuff there. I feel like there was way more things but oh well.

      Ended up in an alleyway by the shore at the very edge of the city. So much more things to remember... There was a reason I went there, and there were things I did in the class related to this. Parkouring. Familiar spot, similar to dream park with the bees.

      Meditated before bed night before.
      Also set an alarm 2 hrs in.
    7. underwater

      by , 07-03-2020 at 06:41 AM
      Tab got closed and deleted what I wrote gjeaoirgjaeogiajergoijacvzb!

      I'll just summarize the parts I wrote.

      On second floor of Japanese school. Storage room. Magical transportation device. I was with a companion as we went inside. We met an old man under the secret passageway of a tunnel. He told us about the underwater city that we would be headed to. Explaning to us that we could not use firearms sort of things since they did not work underwater and to use only physical weapons. Me and my companion stayed in a bedroom or a spare room for what was like a day or 2 according to the story. There was a journal there, a picturebook journal that was explaining something... We head through a hole in the ground and head for the city.

      The underwater city looked just like a regular suburbs. We had something that helped us breathe normally and it really felt like regular city. But there were some particular differences there. I forget what we did there now though... I found Steven down there in the underwater city, there was something related to horse betting sort of thing I guess. I had recalled a story that I read prior and thought about it earlier during the day. That thought may be the initiator of this topic though.


      Some other dreams

      trying to dj inside the dream FAs
    8. okay

      by , 07-01-2020 at 06:12 PM
      I'll write what I remember and add more later maybe.

      The first dream seem so vague now. I remember being questioned somewhere though. It was pretty long but that's all I remember right now.

      I recall being in some small apartment complex. It wasn't a highrise and it was 2 floors total I think. I recall being in this place in another dream though, or atleast similar. In that dream I remember I was following a girl or was it a man who was teaching me how to abuse the system. The system, was like a sort of a pyramic scheme that tricked you into borrowing money from them at absurd interest rates. They showed me a loophole in it where you could borrow an insane amount of money and barely pay any back since there was a bug or glitch in their software inside their office that had alot of computers for you to access your account.Eventually though, they were after me or the character and I recall being in a room similar to the one in the present dream right now. I'd hid inside the closet until they'd leave but one of them recognized that I was there.

      But anyways, in this dream I remember going into the closet or a secret passageway into a secret room. There was something there, recalling though... Feel like it might be influenced by a game or a previous dream since it does have familiarity to it. It was like a some sort of ritual room or warehouse where things were hidden. Yeah, now that I am typing it out, my memories are coming back. It was just a hidden room with bunch of things, old things being stored there. As I looked through some of them I hear a voice. How could there be a voice if there was no one here? There was barely any space for anyone to hide as it was a very small room. It was a farie. It came with me for the rest of my journey in this dream. I can't remember what we did right now though but I suppose it wasn't that interesting since I can't recall anything distinct. I just remember leaving the room, getting out and talkaing to some friend in their apartment or something like that.


      I was inside a house, it was a wide old house with 1-2 floors. Depending on how you'd look at it really. You could call the second floor the first floor if you consider the first floor as the basement. The outside fo the hosue was made of dark wood, or atleast painted dark wood material, pretty old but built pretty well. I suppose this house sort of reminds me of jack's house. Apparently I was living there in this story and there were guests coming. It was sort of a long dream, maybe felt like 4 hours. I was playing with the children of the guests most of the time. I had my own room there on the second floor, they kids came in. I think they went down after dinner was ready or something. And I recall the house changed or the structure changing somewhere around here. So thsi could have been a very easy sign to get lucid, so get lucid! But anywho I went upstairs after and went to the bathroom, the bathroom was pretty big honestly, there was a couch on the opposite side of the toilet and tehr was a TV on the side of the toilet. There was some sort of action cartoon or something that reminds me of power ranger that was playing, a kid's show really.

      Oh before noticing this, I recall stripping in the bathroom because it was hot here and people coming in the bathroom ran away embarassed after. So I was sitting down on the bathroom couch watching TV and I remember I was looking for a child earlier, one of the kids that came here but I couldn't find him/her and I was trying to find them to make sure they were safe. And the girl sitting in the couch next to me was cradling the small child or something so it was all okay.

      I remember there was so much more random stuff going on in this dream but oh well, maybe will add it on later or not.

      I also remember visiting a temple, it was a Japanese temple with one of those money boxes where you could throw in a dollar( 100yen) and make wishes sort of thing. It was a holiday in this dream I think.


      I could have gotten lucid by watching my thoughts more carefully in between awakenings instead of getting distracted by thoughts in between awakenings. Could have noticed that my thoughts were distracted and just the intention to LD probably would have worked. REMEMBER to NOTICE!

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    9. bugs

      by , 07-01-2020 at 02:55 AM
      Laptop bugs classroom

      The first dream took place inside a calssroom. The school was more of an westeren one, rather it was a western school. The classroom was on the first floor in a dark ish corriodor and I wentside for class. I had a laptop with me there and as I opened it up, I noticed there were alot of bugs flying around. Trying to get rid of them for a while. Felt like 3-4 hours of just idle times, didn't do much interesting things. Ideally in this long span of time I could have gotten lucid and done something more interesting.

      Left the classroom after a while.

      I think the bugs theme came from just having bugs in the backyard during the day.

      The dream was about a young man who was working part time or maybe even full time at a restaurant. He began working there after highschool and decided to keep going. I saw him go to work from the ahllways of his school. Maybe it's the same school as the previous dream, but I can't be for certain. I followed him up North somewhere or it felt like north. But it ended up somewhere downtown or central hotspot of the city. It was a quaint little restaurant, maybe Italian. The owner was a middle aged dark haired man, maybe he was slightly balding. Our protagonist greeted him and worked there, few other co-workers there, mostly female waitresses at the restaurant.

      Then it happend. He was let go of his job. Business was slow so he was fired, or rather I think the business just closed down. And he didn't know what to do really. I felt all his emotions swelling up within, feeling lost and all those kind of things. He'd been happy before that, just content with making a little money and just living day by day.etc

      I think this dream was related to a story I heard earlier during the day. It was about a man who was let go because the business was slow. His initial job was a dancer though, and was working as a waiter after. So that does appear to be pretty likely source of this dream.


      Power nap. Became aware during the end of nap. Didn't focus on lucid dreaming though so I just visualized some stuff. The sudden sense of awareness made it dissipate though. But I could have engaged my senses or forced it to have more sensations to make it realistic. I could have tried, I could have, even if the alarm going to ring very soon; I could have time dilated and made it last longer.

      Probably the best course of action was to DEILD, or engage senses like MR's techniques.
    10. zeus child

      by , 06-29-2020 at 09:32 PM
      I slept much later than usual so I was tired.

      The first dream took placei n the old west. If I recall correctly we were sea travelers on old fashioned ships made of wood. We arrived at the old west and we were treasure hunting of sorts. Ther were like fire traps on the ground that we had to evade through. That's all I can remember at the moment for that dream.


      It was like in a similar place at the last dream. In a city there was a child gifted with the power of lightening or something like that. He was the source of the prosperity of this city. There were other children with similar sorts of abilities but they were just sort of residual powers granted by the child. I'll call him zeus for now. But anywho the neighboring town wasn't as prosperous and had a sort of a rivalry thing going on. So some folks for that town decided to infiltrate and kidnap one of the children of this town to figure out the source of their power kind of thing. My pov changed from the child and other children and also the bystander and non-person just sort of view.


      I don't know where the old west theme came from. I didn't really do anything related to old west stuff but I do recall playing an old west vr game months ago just twice. Maybe that's related to this dream. Maybe it's... I remember now! I was thinking about Harrison Ford you know with his movie series what do you call it? Indiana Jones. I thought about it ever so briefly during the day. Yep that's certainly the source of this dream. Not exactly old west but, an old fashioned action movie sort of feel.

      Zeus, this theme came from a game I played I'm pretty certain of that for sure.

      I should probably have amazing recall by tomorrow though. DJing 3 days in a row usually gives me super recall by the third day.


      Noticed I was dreaming during a power nap. It lacked sensations and I forgot to bring the sensations. Just a vision of the meadows...

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    11. titan

      by , 06-28-2020 at 10:04 PM
      Had 3 dreams total, will just type out what I remember right now.

      The dream began in some underground tomb or pyramid like place. There was an ancient being there, it was there for thousands of years and protected some sort of ancient relic. There were some soldiers there underground looking for the relic. They were seeking for it as a source of power to help them overcome the upcoming invasion. What was invading them though?

      Anywho the ancient comes out and greets one of the royalties there. I forget though, I think it was the princess of the place. My pov switched from either of them I think. We were gonna explore now. The area was dry, like a desert. So this kingdom was more like a tribe than a large kingdom but I don't know it's somewhere in between the two. We traveled and eventually came across some sort of academy or castle.

      It was a large building, made of stone, with glass windows. But the size of the building was as if it was built for the ancient. Well I suppose a better description is a "titan". She basically looked like a very large human being. But this place was built precisely to fit her.


      Entered the building. May have awoken here and the dream plot changed a bit. Or thsi is just already the next dream now.

      But anyways I'm inside a building, perhaps the one before. I'm viewing things from a the POV of a princess. The inside looks like an old academic build, something that looks like it was built in the 1800s or so. I'm suppose to be joining others in a meeting. About what? Something about saving the town. Actually this made me remember the first dream now. The first dream took place in a city or town by the ocean, it was a dock city but let's get back to the present.

      I left the room and met a lady knight in the hallways and I promised her that we'd have a tea party together. But before that I went to the bathroom. Stayed there for like 2 hours though. I think the knight may have been mad that I made her wait so long. But eventually I end up in the small room and begin to prepare for tea and

      - Maybe this is the continuation of the dream from yesterday or related. About an ancient dragon. She was feared but helped out a town to remove a curse from a hospital. Then talked about how she'd been such a big deal thousands of years ago to the townfolks.


      I remembered the first dream took place in Japan or similar. It was near the shore and... Remembering... The relic. This dream also had a relic but it was different from the one from the later dream. I recall the relic from the ancient was a heart, it was light blue, not baby but mid way between baby and indigo blue. With slight white glow.

      The relic of this dream was a skull. My group and I were setting up something like a Bazar. The town chief or something was a very tan old man. We were gathering stuff but we got invaded. Some calamity happend and destroyed the town. Something like a storm. But the skull I had, I think it was like a crystal skull, let me rewind the time a little. Ended up being transported to India though. We were looking for something there to stop the tragedy from happening.

      Pretty similar theme to the other dream. Perhaps the relic from the titan was what we were looking for.

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    12. spy, flying robo, detective

      by , 05-22-2020 at 09:05 PM
      I think this one is a continuation of other dreams of similar theme. The environment appeared to be similar to them. I probably forgot he initial bits but I will add on as I recall more.

      The last scene took place inside the warehouse which was the back end of the large corperation like building of the evil corp or something like that. I was in the back and found a gun in one of the boxes in the back. I took the gun and looked for ammos as I shot at the ones after me. I was like a spy/thief sort of character. Anyways I am running and trying to find ammos and shooting. I find a flying machine, it wasn't a plane but more of a glider and I went inside it and glided away.

      -I believe that I dreamt about the glider because I watched videos about flying cars the previous night before sleep.

      I glided away and saw the landscape of the area. It was way up there in the jagged mountains and I'm not sure exactly where but I'd say it was somewhere in Asia, maybe not even earth but it gave me that impression that it was an asian place.

      This part of the memory may have been overlapping with the next dream, perhaps they both had similar theme in the mountains or the gliders but they were seperate dreams, just a little fuzzy since I didn't try to recall the dream when I awoke or DJ.


      Touring up a mountain. I remember I found my dad there and I flew up and away on something. Landscape like the mountains. I flew back eventually and did something else.


      I was inside a house, an unknown house and I forget what I was doing but I was headed towards something like the garage. I found a sort of a large robot that could fit a person in the middle and I climbed on it. It began to fly up in the air and I recall that it was an experimental device or something.

      - probably again influenced by the flying car video

      I was in the middle of the flying robo device and I had trouble sitting comfortably. I think the person who flew it before me had set it so that it would fly in the laying position for the user, like how a lambogini would make you lay down as you drive it sort of thing. So I was trying to adjust the robo so I would be sitting up.

      I was a student and there was some mystery case going on at the school. There were police and detectives trying to find out waht happend to the missing girl or something. I remember being inside a glass building, you know liek those highrise where the majority of the exterior is glassy window sort of building. Anywho my mother was apparently on the case so I thought I'd help her out. I followed her in the car and ended up in the school. We were looking for clues at the school and I went upstairs unto the second floor and there was a garden there and I thought that there might be a clue hidding underneath the dirt of this garden. The detective came to help me and as we unearthed the dirt she found an eraser, but it was shaped weird. Inside the eraser was another eraser and inside that was what we'd thought was a clue to the case. There was some sort of pill shaped thing. I recall that we were looking for something like that but that was supposed to be gold. Like a gold accesory that the girl had. Anyways we left the building and was right beside a shop that sold like fish and fishboxes that people get to keep their pet fishes. The detective was telling me that they wanted me to join in on the case.
    13. tower of bowser

      by , 03-26-2020 at 09:46 PM
      I'd repeated some mantras of positive feelings in bed. I had trouble sleeping but I felt... nirvana? The atoms or electrons in the air just danced and shifted. Then there were triangles of angels just reverberating in the air. I could feel the energy of everything around me. The entirety of everything was all alive. It was like a specific frequency, or combination of frequency that I had to hit to get to this spot, I dropped it and got it back up a couple of times. I did an RC. It was state of sheer ecstasy. I understood some things:

      It is simple to be what you want to be, yet simple isn't always easy. It is easy to be kind, loving, and be in the state of joy and it's just as easy to be depressed and despondent. I will keep it up.

      Blonde guy, violin

      First dream was in a university campus and I was headed for the class inside one of the buildings. I think I went to a class already though.

      +I recall having visited this campus in a dream before, I think twice. That time it was a school trip and we watched a movie and drank a coffee

      After finshing the class and heading out a blonde guy he is hitting on me and tells me something that he'd do if I went with him. It didn't sound that pleasant at the moment so I blew him off. I was headed home or back.

      I was now in a large old mansion like a haunted house. It was just very old wooden and mostly empty and cold. I was with my friend Steven and Y and we were heading deeper into the mansion and we found a desk that had some instructions. It was showing us how to create instruments and we were suppose to follow the instructions. I watched as the other two make their own violin like instrument, Steven made it much better I'd say. But I was distracted and couldn't make my own. Mine was like a ukulele and I just couldn't make it in time. We had to leave here now.

      Heading back to the campus and I began to see the same building with the class. I thought about the blonde guy from before and was now interested in finding him. I mean he looked a bit rough, but I should probably give him a chance right? I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

      I went head and walked towards the right and found a building there. I went inside and there was a huge lecture hall and full of students there. I noticed I probably went to the wrong place and when I tried to go back the way was blocked by people. Something happend, I forget here. I was singled out for some event in this lecture, it was a topic about a new experimental subject, and me and this girl was under scrutiny. I left after and towards the left and going down the stairs and tried to head out here but there were full of girls there that blocked the way. It was mostly black women here though.

      Transfer students/ bowser's tower

      I was among a people or friends here that were new transfer students and I helped them around although I wasn't even sure of the place too much. Their house of residence was a bit to the left and up, from my current spot. We were shopping inside a super market now and was at the cashier getting ready to pay when a random man shows up and he began to molest one of the 2 girls that were transferred here. She majestically kicked him twice and I finished him off with a punch or something but I don't recall exactly what I did now. He ran away and although things were good some policemen showed up. Policemen actually, although the people in the store saw what happend and were on our side, trying to help us, it was obvious that the policemen were called by the jerk from before and he probably had told them that we'd assaulted him. So we went through the door to the left side and tried not to stand out too much. Walking towards the house. We were back at the house and there were other transfer students here.

      There was something we had to do, something I had to do. What did I do here? I can't remember but I had an urge to do something... I remember that I had to find the villian of this story that was like bowser and I went to go defeat him. He came to our residence and I fought him for a brief moment before he got away. We went after him...

      The world was sort of in chaos now. It was getting swallowed up by darkness and to survive we went to climb up the tower. The tower of our villain to survive. Me and my companions managed to make it up first. The tower had no entrance so you had to climb up from the side like mountain climbing and only the top part of it had inhabitable buildings and temple like places. Anyways I got to the top... but now I was the villian.

      I was bowser and I fought our hero and I felt genuine sort of love to the hero. It's like a love of rivalry? Love towards a truly worthy opponent. I felt it and disappeared...

      I was back to being our MC but bowser was gone now... We rested inside one of the buildings atop the tower where there were some beds inside. But bowser was nowhere to be found. Some of the others who had climbed the tower began to get here now but something felt off. Bowser wasn't the one... there were a bunch of cloaked menaces, they were the one behind all this. I sought to find bowser... he was behind a cell. My companions were against this idea but I went for it.

      I had a phone with a pen and a DJ but that DJ was filled so I tried to write on the phone but the phone's color was too blue for my taste. I tried to change the background but had trouble doing so.


      I had 2-3 chances for AP. I felt that perfect state for it but I just didn't react to it fast enough. First 2 times I didn't react in time and the third time I did react in time but used a wrong technique,

      I was lucid during a couple of moments during microawakenings in the bowser saga, but they were all before awakening or during sniplets where my sensations weren't all inside.
    14. Demon school test

      by , 03-26-2020 at 04:10 AM
      Big meat

      Dream about a tan guy cooking big slabs of meat or steaks. No meat dye just natural meatiness getting bbqed.

      I remember thinking about bbq the day before.

      Demon school test

      I was at the demons school and was taking an exam or test. It was a writing exam or memorization thing and I had to move across a super long vertical scroll of texts that ran for like 1km or half a mile. Didn't have time to read it slowly, just tried to memorize in a glance. At the end of the scroll was a different version of the same thing, but were drawn by someone so it was easier to remember. The texts or image was about the history of the demons and how they'd had a big demon invading a city in the past sort of thing. Basically this was all just a history class.

      May be continuation of other demon school dreams.

      Burnt face
      I was in house #25 and ppl came over to play. I saw my gramps downstairs and after eating at the table, he showed me that he had built a pc all by himself. Looking super proud did he, this computer was huge but mostly empty space inside the case. Was about to go play and noticed my face was burnt. Went upstairs to continue my activities though. We played some sort of board game.

      Sliced off shield

      Just recall slicing off bits of shield with wind magic or something similar against a knight that held it. It was the top two corner of the shield.
      Time dilation

      I remember practicing time dilation on a rooftop.

      Movie class

      A class but was watching a movie. I was picked on by some kids but a real cool badass girl in the class came by and rescued me.
    15. Fly, fist of north, cat

      by , 03-25-2020 at 07:37 AM
      Just what I recall from last time

      Book sale

      A book I wanted was on sale for Amazon for 15 bucks

      Fake DJ

      I had a an FA and that I Djed but the letters were rainbow.

      Fist of north

      I saw a guy in 3rd person. The story was about the boy who loved the story about fist of the north star, that I read earlier in the day while awake it was a comedy. I followed him from top view until he was jumping onto a car with mafia bosses inside. There was a sunroof through it and he jumped on it once, twice then went through the sunroof into the car. Around here it becomes first person. I grabbed ahold of the submachine gun from the man in front and shot but the ammos ran out after a couple of shots. There were others preparing to shoot.

      Naya utube

      I had a dream that there were new videos of lucid dreaming stuff on YouTube I browsed through them.

      Fly hwy

      I was on the street somewhere and I got lucid. I decided to fly. I could float or jump, it was more levitate but I kept falling back down so I flapped my arms around to stay up after a couple of attempts. It was like on hwy or near a big street and I found another person flying in the same way that I was.

      House cat elf school

      I was inside a house. It was woody and looked like the apartment from near the mall? There were some guests there some teenage kids playing. I was heading towards the kitchen and found a cat. I recall the cat was white and I gestured for it to come. And it jumped into my arms. I held it like a princess hold lol and it was like rolling around. I went back to others and came back to the kitchen. There were a group of cats and I was feeding them but there was a fat mean cat that might have scratched me.

      I went to the bathroom after that and it appeared to be a public bathroom with many stalls. I saw ppl from earlier and when I left there I was transported then again. It was in sort of a school of magic there with elves and sorts. I think an elf might have been there earlier around the cat scene whom I met in the hall.

      I ended up inside what looked like an old looking school kinda like an old castle and on the upper floor was a private room of some old mage and maybe I was learning stuff from him.

      Theme park song

      I was inside a house maybe similar or same building structure to the one before. But there were some hs kids with their leader that reminded me of Ross from friends. Anyways we were heading to the theme park and stopped by some camp and they showed some kind of movie there and it was all Ross's evil plan to spoil the theme park (which had the same plot as the movie we just watched). We ended up at the park eventually though.

      Some guys began to sing my song that I wrote but in a much more modern way and I decided to sing too. Eventually I was mad that they took credit and chased them. I became a Swamp monster and chased them all and was killed. But it was a fake death.
      Ebay package

      Same house but got a package from ebay for me apparently.

      Probably related to receiving package in wake.

      Life of a farmboy

      It was like a mix of naruto/dbz universe. I watched a story of a protagonist that reminded me of the two story. He was all alone by himself and his Rival was also alone. I just felt the feelings of both parties and and felt compassion for them. I watched our hero go to the farmland of his parents or grandparents and began to farm vegetables. Ony about 10 turnips survived but they were shriveled. First person now. I was now at a market and sold the 10 turnips. A lady commented about how they were good or something.

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