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    by , 03-23-2020 at 02:46 AM (57 Views)
    I am still training myself to choose how ifeel all day and also trained visualization. I'm getting better.

    Something amazing happened. While visualizing I pushed myself and my brain and eyes hurt and I felt something. It's like my brain got an upgrade or it was just operating differently. Like it changed into a multi processor or like the left and right brain was working together instead of separately now. When I opened my eyes the world looked more 3d.

    I slept in 3 intervals. Lucid moments in first 2. Deilds in the third.

    First moment I find myself in a storehouse that ended swiftly. Second one was similar but don't recall where.

    On the deild I was just lucid immediately. I was inside the house but I somehow knew. Did handstands after checking hands for RC I heard kids (I think it was a little girl). playing upstairs. Got a FA with dj but I relucided myself. There was an office in the bathroom with an office desk facing the mirror and there was some notes on mirror.

    Lucid every dream!

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