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    Walls Meditation, ukulele, crawl, wishbook, mountain

    by , 04-14-2019 at 02:21 AM (84 Views)
    Most dreams were ld. I think I'm really getting the hang of this.
    *Just laid still, on back, scratching is ok, calm breath, calm mantra.

    Dream deild chains

    Friends playing catch in the park, I didn't feel like playing catch. I didn't want to get hit randomly either. I control one person with a controller and catch the ball the way, and I'm thinking playing catch isn't that bad. I try to catch the next ball but the guy next to me gets in front and catches it first. I head towards a direction.

    Wake/transition to next dream

    I think this dream might have signified fears of getting hit by balls randomly.

    Big Walls

    I am standing upon yellow stone ground. It's similar to the color of pyramids kind of. The environment is dry just like a desert area. I look around and I see a large staircase made of the same material, the stairs are wide. At the end of the stairs there is a monolithic wall made of the same stone material and it's closed off. I turn around and look behind me and I see a similar mololithic wall that's slowly becoming closed off. The walls were really gigantic. Porbably would take atleast 50 people to move it? It was more of a sliding door/wall or I guess a gate is more accurate.

    I am lucid and I decide to meditate on the spot. I hear strange whirlling sounds that keep on repeating every few seconds. It gets hot though, I have boots on and I decide to stand up and maybe do walking meditation. I take my boots off and perhaps distracted and lose myself to worry of dream ending.


    I think the sounds I hear during this dream were actualy my heartbeats. I heard it in my dream but it was slowed down to 1/2-1/4 the pace. So time was dilated. Very cool. The closing off of walls could indicate the closing of energy leakages in the body. Healing. This is also the first time I managed to consciously meditate in my dreams!

    Running in empty city

    LucidI head outside, into a big city, but it's empty. I run and keep running, I run faster than I have ever ran. I jump to try to fly up. I keep jumping, keep trying.


    I think the "try" made it difficult rather than just "do".

    Basement crawl


    I am laying in the bed. I look around and it turns out to be a basement room. Things begin to get unclear and I lose my vision. So I try to touch something... reaching. And I touch the wall. Touching the wall made my vision come back. But I wanted to walk around. So I just figugred I'd touch the floor. I decided to crawl like a baby and it worked. It was kind of hot so I decided to take some clothes off. Totally like a baby lol. My dad comes in and says "why you crawling like a baby?" I hang around a little ibt more but


    Old house, violin/ukulele


    I find myself in bed again, upstairs bedroom. I still have some memory of previous dream. I find myself in a room full of random toys and things. I find a violin and I pluck a bit. Wishing it was a ukulele, I begin holding and playing it like a ukulele. I played a song I knew and enjoyed myself really. Before I knew it the violin turned into a ukulele. I hear a voice in the distance, calling me. I'm really unsure whether it's from the dream or outside it. I wanted to prolong the dream so I tried the "stop" from the dream yesterday and I think I had time dilation, lost focus and I think its effect gote weaker.


    Class ??? ???

    lucid, have trouble reading handwriting lol.

    says class/ded?/ hor?


    lucid, waking in bed, heading out to the hallways,

    wake->transition to next dream

    Wish book

    I am in the school hallways, walking around. Losing lucidity. I hang out with these dream friends or schoolmates. I find one child who's in a bad spot. He likes book or something I think. So I decided to grant his wish. I gave him a wish book, a kind of a novel that would grant all of his wishes. His wishes come true

    Time rewind. Or just a different day in dream. He no longer has the book. I ask him about it and he said yeah there's a comic book with the same story like that! Guess he wished things back to normal.

    I was in a similar school to last dream, not sure if its the same but similar struture. I think this one was more of a highschool, while the last one was middle-elementary school.

    I am hanging out with some kids I have some trouble recalling earlier parts of the dream. I have some powers so I'm recruiting kids or they just begin following me. I think something cool to make them follow me, forget what though. Later on I find everyone in a classroom.

    I find a mountain that you could see outside the window in the classroom and there's a girl who's from this class that's gone missing. I tell all the kids in the class that we should go on an expedition to save her. I can use my clairvoyance or something to see that she's indeed in the mountain, alive and pretty well. She's level 80 or something for some reason. I'm grabbing random tools and items from a stash and hands it out to them and as we head out.


    School interior similar to an elementry/middle school I went to. Perhaps memory of that. Just not good times though.


    6 ld total, 2 were muddy, or hard to recall so I'll count as 5 for now.

    "stop" worked for time dilation

    meditation works as time dilation, I should maintain it instead of moving away and getting distracted.

    Calm breaths, relaxed mantras work well

    Stay still! Scratching is ok but go back to position

    Crawl! If nothing works!

    Numerous LD daily. Getting regular? I decided to sleep longer and wasn't lucid in last dreams. If I didn't sleep in then it's pretty much all lucid dreams!!!!

    I'm noticing more control in my dreams.

    Keep Practicing! GRC MILD, Shadow work, write, meditation!

    +day 17 of grc actually, told myself 14/15 days for big change. I think that was ôripening"

    Always Omnilucid!

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