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    White Cliff and the Old Giant

    by , 09-11-2019 at 05:29 AM (77 Views)
    Initially I forgot what I had dreamt at but I did recall a little.

    VR village
    I remember dreaming about VR stuff. A very-very old fashioned village and their villagers were experimenting with Virtual reality. Their roads were brown wet dirt and they wore brown colored clothes too, likely leather and plant materials. They were progressing technologically at rocket speed. Dream influenced by my interest in VR lately.

    Thin Cavity

    I found myself in the kitchen. Looked like the home kitchen with the familiar white flooring but the counter top was white too. Perhaps could have gotten lucid had I been more aware. But I was distracted - one of my teeth was cavity ridden and was falling off. The teeth had become so worn out it was thin like the scoop of a spoon and it was falling out. I found my mom there so I began to talk to her. Could be my interest in diy tooth powder or falling out of teeth could indicate changes in life.

    Cliff, Old Giant

    I was high up above. Not flying but I was on a cliff or mountain. The cliff was white not from the snow - it was not cold. Instead the cliff rocks were very jagged and bleached satin white by the intense sunlight. The cliff reminded me of Icarus, or perhaps the bright sunlight did so. It also reminded me of Prometheus, perhaps it was where he was punished. I felt like I was trapped in this area and proceeded to escape. Maybe I was Prometheus here.

    ( I may have escaped once during this part of the dream, and came back atop of the cliff again. I may have been just going around causing trouble during this period here)

    I looked down the small cliff. There was an old man there. He carried white hair in somewhere between short-medium length along with a medium length beard to go along with it. He stood tall in a strong posture and he was built - massive muscles like an Olympian. He reminded me of Greek Olympian, since he covered himself in a white toga. There was something else about him. He was HUGE. He stood below the cliff and his head had reached nearly where I stood. He was the giant spoken of in myths and fairy tales. It was apparent that he was also the guardian of this place. I was under captive or was in a sort of "time out" because I've been behaving badly. And I'd escaped once already.

    I grabbed a small boulder nearby, and threw it at him. It hit him squarely on the top of his head, slightly to the right and he was unphased and still looking at me. His stupidly unwavering smiling face got me irritated though so I grabbed ahold of a much larger boulder, the larges I could find and threw it at him again.

    *gonk* it hit him right in the head again. Hoping that I could knock him unconscious and escape while he'd be out. Yet he stood still, looking right at me. The old giant kept looking at me and told me to "stop going around causing troubles."

    I was semi-lucid again earlier, almost! But he seemed kind of an ok guy, and besides I felt bad for throwing bounders at him. Feeling "What's the worst that can happen in a dream?" kind of yet not fully lucid. So I listened to the old man's pleas and decided what the heck, and jumped down the cliff to go to where he wanted me to go. I thought he was going to direct me to a jail cell but I was facing a dark corridor now and I saw a bedroom through the door in front of me. I was getting a rapey vibe from the old man really. But in all honesty, probably just a trauma surfacing in the dream. And I was immediately teleported into a large bedroom.

    The bedroom was very white, color wise. It was very square shaped instead of rectangle and the King sized bed that took up about 1/5 - 1/6th of the room. There was a small white chair there, round, so maybe a sofa chair; not comfortable enough to be a sofa but it was a round/square sitting apparatus like a sofa. There was a round and short coffee table beside the chair. The curtains, or the shutters rather, were closed and the room was rather dark, yet the sheer whiteness of everything in the room just reflected the leaking light from the curtains all over and made it feel not that dark. I was in trouble though.

    I randomly began to feel vibrations from my nether regions for some reason. It had an orgasmic feeling but not really. Hard to describe. Just heat/vibration, slight pleasure. The vibration felt familiar but it was different. I don't know but somehow felt like I was welled up with power. It made me lucid, although very briefly. I decided to wake up since this was feeling uncomfortable. Stupid I know, but I am getting better. Next time I will remember to recall a dream goal or meditate.

    So I awoke on top of a comfy bed. I was orgasming on the bed from the residual sensation from the dream. Maybe the most comfortable bed and sheets ever - like mellow white silk gently caressing my body while I was flipping out.

    Yet I awoke again and realized it was FA.

    *I realize now that this dream was very white, almost everything was white colored.


    Progress = Good. Just gotta believe.

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