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    by , 12-24-2019 at 04:56 AM (88 Views)
    Got some lucids 2 days ago.

    Noticed something off inside a pyramid. Lucid. Dark place. Trying to stabilize. Recalling goal.


    Goal was to get knowledge. Saw books.


    My friend Hawaii at school. He told me "you have the blessing of the drayad"


    3 combo school game. Survival game inside the school.

    Noticed thoughts wandering upon awakening.

    LD inside a house. Genie, made 3 wishes. "I wish for you to be free!"

    AP on bed. Forehead sensation. Many failures. Kept trying. Felt walking sensation. Wet ground outside. Warm and raining. Exploring street. Recalled goal. Teleport, asked to take me where I could learn the most. Dark place, energy beings. Felt energy like electricity going in me. Bit anxious. Decided to teleport asking for what what would be best for me atm. Night park on flying carpet. Walnut tree stood out (leaves looked walnut) . Woman's voice speaking Russian. Wanted to go faster. Decided to teleport to destination. Inside apartment, still carpet. Discomfort. Realized really need to pee. Destination. Russian woman below, dark hair. She awaited for me. I was kid sized, hugged her leg. Decided to wake to pee.

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