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    #6, Hangin' On

    by , 07-05-2010 at 04:26 AM (405 Views)

    Hangin' On (DILD)


    The start of this dream is a bit fuzzy, I know that something was happening, but, I don't exactly know what.

    Dream fuzziness, I remember a girl who I befriended at my house but that's it, I was thinking about how wierd this is, and the opposite thing of what ormally happens happened. Instead of my mind distracting me into thinking everything is real, whe I opened my door, the girl I befriended was bleeding out on my bed...I just thought, yep, this is a dream. She was screaming out "MA***, HELP ME!!!" Being the gentleman that I am, I waved my arm over her and she was completely fine, she hugged me, then I went outside my front yard.

    I often end up outside my house when thinking of what to do when a ute with a tailgate came by, it was speeding by really fast and I thought I might try jump over it, but it stopped and tried to get out of my way. I followed it and then i'm pretty much chasing it around for a bit, it keeps avoiding me but then I eventually jump, miss, and grab the tailgate.

    The ute starts speeding really fast, i'm struggling to stay on, the speed it was going was completely lifting me off the ground. As it's speeds along I try to pull myself onto the back of the ute, I make it so my hands stick to what they touch, I pulled myself up one bit and i'm a bit further along. I continued to struggle with this as the ute got faster, but I eventually got on the back, I stood up and grabbed onto the top of the ute. I see everything speeding by, it looks exactly like my town. I'm about to see if I can get on top of the actual vehecle part of the ute, but I first looked ahead to see if he was turning, he wasn't, so I clmbed on top and sat down, watching everything, but then he suddenly stopped later on and I went flying off, skidding along the ground, but it didn't hurt. I was at school...

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