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    #9, The Model Look

    by , 07-05-2010 at 04:29 AM (1170 Views)

    Model Look (Non-lucid)


    I remember being outside of a shopping center when someone said to me, to just put these clothes on, and make me hair look nice. He took me somewhere and fixed me up, I was really confused as to what was going on. Eventually he finished and just told me to go and do whatever it was I was going to do.

    While I was in I walked past made me look really a mirror and noticed something wierd, hewierd with my hair straighter and with different clothes. I didn't know I was any different. I went back to him to get my clothes but on the way I went to the toilet, it wasn't very well kept and there were no stalls, just a bunch of toilets side by side.
    Eww The person next to me said that this toilet is popular because it's cleaner than the others, he said he often comes here just to use that toilet, I was kind of wierded out.

    I told the man to give me back my clothes but he said no, I kept annoying him about it, and eventually he did.

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    1. Requiem's Avatar
      What's up, dawg?
    2. Zezarict's Avatar
      Disturbed that I had this dream, i'm not at all vain.

      Oh, and, HOLIDAYS! WENT TO THE SNOW YESTERDAY, it doesn't snow here