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    Another lost dream

    by , 10-25-2017 at 06:45 PM (625 Views)
    and this one was so awesome too.

    I remember a toddler. Only she was really 35 years old. She was pretending to be a child to influence someone of power.
    I vaguely recall a coup (sp) between leaders and a shooting which was a play for escape only the wives of 2 allies were killed in the confusion.
    And that's pretty much all I recall

    Then the zombie dreams overwrote it It was decent as far as "same ole, same ole" goes. The bases were pretty cool and the zombies were almost all feral (meaning they run day or night instead of only at night. It's a video game thing). I kept running out of ammo and running circles around them and parkouring out of their reach.

    As I woke up from that dream, I figured out (or possibly figured out) who one person on my server is. I put out an invite over FB (IRL) for my 7 Days to Die server. Everyone was accounted for except one. But it's password protected and only a handful of people (on Steam) know what I use. I'm going to have to ask him when I get on lol

    Another tidbit of a dream involved me clubbing animals. Only, they wouldn't die. Even though I clubbed a dog until it was disfigured, it still followed me around loyally which made me very sad. And then I clubbed my favorite cat, Simon, and he too wouldn't leave my side. I was afraid of the animals and sad I had to kill them. I have no idea about that dream.

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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Perhaps, after some time you will recall it or something might trigger recall. It does sound like a exciting dream though. Do you know why you were scared of your animals? Maybe the zombie game influenced it?