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    Bad dog...

    by , 08-01-2018 at 02:14 PM (536 Views)
    from my iPad
    "Ugh. Too many stress dreams. In one of them, I was young and still married to my ex. We had angry sex and kept fighting immediately after when I learned he wasn’t where he said he was going to be.

    In another one, I went to a store and forgot I had driven there and forgot my car... then later I was driving on confusing roads.

    I dreamed of the pup attacking what looked like a kid in the distance. There was nothing there when I got downstairs and outside. We had a very close neighbor and a kid was outside, so I asked him if the pup attacked him and he said “almost, but I know what to do” and he started singing the song from the Stop77 videos.
    Jerry gave me a bunch of money to have him put down because he couldn’t bring himself to shoot him.

    Then, I was driving the dog to the pound. When I got out, I was carrying something and had to maneuver around some guy vacuuming outside. I told them, while crying, that I needed to have my dog put down. They laughed amongst themselves and said “just because you forgot the combination doesn’t mean you have to kill your pet.” I then told them that he eats kittens and they agreed that he should be put down.
    If I had kept his core blood and had some sort of purée, they could have made the process even less painful. I didn’t have the stuff... then I did and I asked if I could stay with him while they did it. They said I could and then I woke up."

    Ugh... too much stressing over my crazy dog...
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