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    Coming up empty

    by , 01-10-2017 at 10:27 PM (182 Views)
    No dreams the last 2 days. Hardly any proper sleep.
    Fitbit Monday: 4:02AM-1:40PM 14 times restless for 2 hrs 27 minutes. 7hrs 11 minutes sleep all in all.
    Tuesday: 6:06AM- 12:32PM 13 times restless for 2 hours 47 minutes. 3 hrs 39 minutes worth of sleep.

    I even laid down last night at 11:30. I gave up on sleep by 1AM. Had a massive headache and couldn't fall asleep until after sun up.
    I'm dizzy-ish today. My ears keep closing. Don't know if it's allergies or lack of sleep though.
    Back still hurts

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    1. naturespirit's Avatar
      Oh dear! Hope you get better!