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    Dreaming again

    by , 10-06-2017 at 02:21 PM (294 Views)
    Now that Iím back to my own schedule, Iím dreaming a lot more and actually remembering them. I missed that so much.

    I woke up too many times throughout the night, so I mostly have snippets.

    I was a sea creature in one of them, swimming through the water at great speeds. I find a small squid like animal trapped in a net. I become myself again, and I pinch off the head of the squid to eat it, similar to a crawfish. But then the squid is a small woman. I pinch off her face and she then resembles an old woman. I pinch that off and sheís left with just her skull. I then feel sad for her and put the layers of her face back on (even though I had eaten them lol, they were in my hand again.

    In another dream, I was driving home and saw the smashed shell of a very large turtle on the tracks. His head was all that remained and I thought about stopping to put him out of his misery.

    In yet another dream, I was talking to someone about death or danger. I think I said I didnít want to be caught unaware, that I wanted to know ahead of time so I could react. Then I see an ocean of water coming down on us. We were in a room. I looked at a teen boy and told him to keep it together; to take a deep breath and follow me as we squeezed out a doorway. He glanced back, as the three of us walked hand in hand through the door and he he saw a teddy bear in a sink.

    Turns out, the teddy bear was actually a baby he had been left to look after as we fled. I knew she must be dead, but we went back to search for her anyhow. A man cried that we must find her. We found a flipflop and there was some side bit about someone working machinery but we found her. She was alive but I knew sheíd have impairments.

    There were many other dreams and snippets but Iíve forgotten them as I wrote this... except for men quickly spinning in circles (a sort of stress release in my dreams, though itís typically me spinning)

    The water in my dreams came from 1) a Facebook conversation about a starfish out of water and 2) a show Iíve been watching that takes place in the Keys and has a lot of ocean and snorkeling scenes.

    The removal of the womanís face hints at a removal of ďmasksĒ that a person wears and is very curious to me.

    Ah yes, I also dreamed of snakes. Huge python type snakes. One crawled on a man and bit him. A boy was hunting them but in trouble.

    I also dreamed of the Kingdom Hall; of cleaning it with a group and looking for some milk for Artie (a man).

    Okay, thatís it I think lol
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