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    Extreme Fragment

    by , 10-09-2018 at 06:13 PM (373 Views)
    I woke up because of that name. I had been having a Sherlock dream (from Elementary). He was looking into something with his former Scotland Yard friend. They found a manifesto or something which was signed with that name. Sherlock looked to Watson. He knew his Scotland Yard friend was being trolled. He later explained to Watson it was because of that name... "A Lesser Man"

    I am not witty in the least. My dream tugged at the name and how it "should" have been spelled instead- Alessir, perhaps; Alesser? So that's what ended up waking me

    I managed to get in 6 hours 38 minutes of sleep AND I only had 3 apnea events an hour. Woot/Woot!!

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