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    Here we go again

    by , 02-16-2012 at 04:55 AM (507 Views)
    Some time has passed, so I've lost some of the details but....

    I dreamed of many kittens again. Yet the dream spiced things up for a change and added a bunch of cats and rabbits too. Two of the rabbits were ones I've lost Neval and Mylopsia.
    All of the animals were running around together. The rabbits kept getting loose and I was terrified the cats would eat them, but they all seemed to get along just fine. Some kittens were even nursing from Mylopsia
    Then I went outside and the boys were loose. They had gotten their chains tangled together. I unhooked Snuffanuff easily enough but Rocky kept jumping all over the place and then I noticed that half of his face was missing

    In another dream, the car theme ruled. I kept trying to get gas but ended up on the wrong side of the pump or way too far from the pump, then I wasn't filling my car at all but a gas can. Then I lost the gas can, lost my car, was going crazy trying to find everything I took off flying to get a better view, but it was so windy, I kept getting thrown off course. I eventually found my car and, drove awhile then parked some place I thought was safe. Turns out it was a semi-frozen body of water. I got out of my car, walked back somewhere, heard the ice crack and watched my pride and joy slowly slip beneath the water. I even tried to use my dream super powers to telekinetically pull it out, but it was hopeless.

    I woke in a panic and annoyed at all these "stress" dreams. WTH? Life is fine right now. Life has been fine for over 2 weeks.
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