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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Some weird ones

      by , 11-25-2017 at 05:02 AM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I was lost in one of my memorable dreams. I kept going through wrong doors and everything was an absolute nightmare. Then, I saw a large man fall down. The thing he landed on went up his butt (or something rofl). He continued bouncing down a very long hill and everything he landed on went inside of him. He got fatter and more round which each addition. He finally wound back where he had started and everything came out (one of the things he landed on was the huge building I was cursing while being hopelessly lost).

      Then there was a Sherlock-esque scene where he was explaining that it wasn't "first thing in, first thing out" but rather, the first thing that had existed until the newest.

      **That dream was actually part of an EPIC dream which I lost. Either that, or they tied off each other. All I recall is a baby and a small child being separated and lost from their families.

      In another dream, I was under ground like in Starbound (video game). I was exploring caves. I had a lightning weapon and decided to try it out. I fired it, but the wall of the cave was too close so the lightning ricocheted and it blew me into a million pieces. For some reason, I thought that was the funniest thing in the world and I woke up laughing [I react in a similar way when playing my game and my character dies]

      In an earlier dream, I dream my hubby said he told me he could never love me or my kids. I was calling him to task on it... then I married his son, Lee... only, his name was Rick and he looked like my ex-husband

      As for the first dream, it was anxiety driven. I had to be social at a Thanksgiving office dinner.
      About the man "absorbing" everything, I can only guess it has to do with eating too much and feeling extra bloated. But the whole Sherlock thing throws that theory off somewhat.

      The lightning rod is simply me playing way too many video games IRL. I'm glad I woke in such a great mood

      As for the last dream, I think that's just my insecurities. I feel fat and bloated and unlovable to my hubby (who likes the Twiggy/anorexic look). I probably dreamed of marrying his son because hubby told he talked to him right before I went to sleep. I dreamed he looked like my ex, probably because I can't imagine hooking up with his son (who's only about 6-10 years younger than me). The whole name thing was probably due to a new show I'm watching (Tin Star).

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    2. It's about friggin time

      by , 09-08-2017 at 07:41 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I took a nap from 12PM-1:44 PM. It felt like the best sleep I've gotten in a long time.
      Yet, my Fitbit tells me it took me 41 minutes to fall asleep ( ) and that I spent 60 minutes being restless. SO, I actually only got 44 minutes worth of sleep.

      I also had some of the best/most vivid dreams I've had in a long time. Too bad they were scary.
      In the dream, I was standing in the driveway, talking with my husband. The sky was lighting up with lightning. Hubby kept missing it because it was behind me (lol). Just as he finally noticed, fire and fireballs started raining down from the sky in the distance. I ran for the house. Hubby seemed unconcerned. I wanted him to come inside, but he wanted to go back to his house.

      The next thing I recall is of being in the car with Paula. I was telling her to buy as much non-perishables and water as possible because who knows how long a war would last. She scoffed and said it would be over in 2 weeks. Then I saw massive infrastructure and crop damage and I told her those no way to know how long it would take for repairs and to be prepared.

      Then I was in my yard. The outside was an apartment complex I lived in a long time ago. The inside of my house was a weird mesh of mine, my hubby's, and my grandmothers homes. In the yard were 2 snakes. I was worried about them, so I brought them inside. I found out later that the big one was a python and the small one was poisonous. There was a little girl and many animals with us and I was afraid the snakes would kill them but I couldn't find the reptiles to bring them back outside.
      We did find a cockroach though (major phobia of mine). There was another couple with us and they helped me look for and squash it.

      Then, I found the python. I had a cane of sorts and he went right on it. But went back and forth across it, toward whichever hand was holding it at the moment. When I brought him inside, he was brown and yellow colored. As I dropped him off at what looked like a decaying whale tail in the weeds, he was purple and blue.

      In another dream, I was walking the mall with my family. My (deceased) grams was there. I went down a couple water slides- the slides of which that formed with the push of a button at the start... then the dream transformed into a sort of Sonic the Hedgehog game. I was a character, racing around a board, fighting bad guys and finding secret levels which were like the Sonic loops. You'd have to time everything perfectly and jump off the heads of the bad guys to platforms above them. I kept dying and losing my weapons lol.

      I made it out of the game and was in a locker room. There were shower supplies in ziplock baggies and the toothbrush was extra long because it doubled as a loofa holder to clean your back with I was extra sweaty and my nipples ripped holes through my shirt so I was trying to discreetly cover them.

      A phone call and the heat from my bedroom woke me up. But that's for RRCC
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    3. Messed up dreams

      by , 08-19-2014 at 02:09 AM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      In one, I found the body of a childhood friend hanged in a room of my parents house. He killed himself because he discovered that the world was going to end violently and painfully one day at 8:00. I spent the rest of that dream investigating what he had learned. It seems "witches" were to wake up within people and they'd emerge hungry. I went into the secret basement I often dream about. But it was a different one than usual. There were gears under the ground in this one. If I stopped the gears, I'd stop the madness. But just as I discovered them, they kicked on, and with it a furnace and the door was sealed behind me. I was trapped to slowly burn or starve to death. I thought my friend had the right idea and wondered how I could myself.

      I woke from that dream and had another with a similar theme. I don't remember it as vividly, other than silence descending on the world as I saw a wave of energy roll over the surface of land masses and kill everything in its path. It wasn't violent though. It was almost beautiful. It was a silence.
      But then the dream changed and I was in a plane, trying to blow out the back (where the propeller was lol) so I'd be sucked into the sky. Just as I finished disassembling everything, the plane landed and I quickly covered my tracks so I could try again on the way back home.
      At some point, 3 dogs were called by the owner (once on the ground somewhere) so I could take them with me. Being sucked out of the plane would somehow save us from something. I told the guy I wouldn't have time to go into the cargo hold to find them, but he said now-a-days he can just buy tickets for them and they could ride beside him (they were large dogs)

      At some other point, I wrote a letter to God. It was a group letter from a lot of different people. I don't remember what I wrote.

      What a bunch of weird dreams.
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    4. More epic dreams

      by , 08-18-2010 at 02:48 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      but my recall doesn't do them justice. My brain seems... ???... incapable of recalling all the detail of my dreams.

      The last one I had was amazing. It spanned what FELT like several generations, but that was only because I relived the story in countless ways in two worlds. The book, Dune (which I'm currently reading) inspired a lot of it.
      I was on a desert planet (though not always). I was some random male DC who wanted to propose to his girl. But something always interfered. In the world I was from, it was "normal"- full of life and green. But something always happened to send me to that other barren planet. My girl would be with me. One time, we were walking down a road and were ambushed. I "woke" myself up and was sent to my home world before I could die. But I would have no or very little memory of what happened in the barren world. Every time I was about to propose, I would be sent to the other world. Every time, something bad happened and I nearly died, only to return to my own world with no memory. It was extremely frustrating.
      Several times, I was in a Fort of sorts. It was booby-trapped and I was injured in countless ways, only to "wake up" before dying. Some man was pursuing me during most of the dream on the barren world. In the last scene, we were trapped in a room in the Fort. The doors sealed us in. I could see the dart traps and tubes rose from the floor which would release poisonous gasses. But somehow, I lived and the bad guy died. I was able to propose, but we were stuck on the barren world. I knew if I went back to my world, I would forget everything and be doomed to live without her.

      Another dream was of the large house I frequently dream about. There were the secret passage tunnels in the floor and this time, I actually used them. I was running from someone and there were others with me. I showed them the tunnels/tubes and sent them through. At one time, I used one myself, but I had to return to the house and the second time I was forced out some other way.
      I recall a balcony. I was trapped, so I flew to a nearby rooftop. I laid against the roof, but the bad guy (a young black woman) saw me eventually. She released a dart which went through the building and roof and almost struck me. But I moved at just the right time.
      I don't recall how the dream ended.

      Early in the evening, I dreamed of driving my van. My oldest son was in the back and someone else (?) was in the front passenger seat. The road was treacherous and I ended up falling off a steep cliff. I realized then, all my kids were in the car with me. I told them all I loved them and that I was sorry. Then, the drivers seat was on the other side and I was directly in front of my oldest son. Our combined weight, made the car tilt to the right and I became terrified of the pain. I screamed that I didn't want the car to land like that. But it did. I marveled that I wasn't in any pain, but it was then that I realized we were all dead.
      I woke up.

      I also dreamed of being at a movie theater. After the show, I wanted some smokes and food, so hubby and I ordered some. But we had to give our selection to the chef to cook. He said it would be done in an hour and a half and I was greatly annoyed at the delay. He said he was the only person working on Sunday- that they were normally closed. Hubby was surprisingly very patient.
      That's all I recall.
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