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    More epic dreams

    by , 08-18-2010 at 02:48 PM (460 Views)
    but my recall doesn't do them justice. My brain seems... ???... incapable of recalling all the detail of my dreams.

    The last one I had was amazing. It spanned what FELT like several generations, but that was only because I relived the story in countless ways in two worlds. The book, Dune (which I'm currently reading) inspired a lot of it.
    I was on a desert planet (though not always). I was some random male DC who wanted to propose to his girl. But something always interfered. In the world I was from, it was "normal"- full of life and green. But something always happened to send me to that other barren planet. My girl would be with me. One time, we were walking down a road and were ambushed. I "woke" myself up and was sent to my home world before I could die. But I would have no or very little memory of what happened in the barren world. Every time I was about to propose, I would be sent to the other world. Every time, something bad happened and I nearly died, only to return to my own world with no memory. It was extremely frustrating.
    Several times, I was in a Fort of sorts. It was booby-trapped and I was injured in countless ways, only to "wake up" before dying. Some man was pursuing me during most of the dream on the barren world. In the last scene, we were trapped in a room in the Fort. The doors sealed us in. I could see the dart traps and tubes rose from the floor which would release poisonous gasses. But somehow, I lived and the bad guy died. I was able to propose, but we were stuck on the barren world. I knew if I went back to my world, I would forget everything and be doomed to live without her.

    Another dream was of the large house I frequently dream about. There were the secret passage tunnels in the floor and this time, I actually used them. I was running from someone and there were others with me. I showed them the tunnels/tubes and sent them through. At one time, I used one myself, but I had to return to the house and the second time I was forced out some other way.
    I recall a balcony. I was trapped, so I flew to a nearby rooftop. I laid against the roof, but the bad guy (a young black woman) saw me eventually. She released a dart which went through the building and roof and almost struck me. But I moved at just the right time.
    I don't recall how the dream ended.

    Early in the evening, I dreamed of driving my van. My oldest son was in the back and someone else (?) was in the front passenger seat. The road was treacherous and I ended up falling off a steep cliff. I realized then, all my kids were in the car with me. I told them all I loved them and that I was sorry. Then, the drivers seat was on the other side and I was directly in front of my oldest son. Our combined weight, made the car tilt to the right and I became terrified of the pain. I screamed that I didn't want the car to land like that. But it did. I marveled that I wasn't in any pain, but it was then that I realized we were all dead.
    I woke up.

    I also dreamed of being at a movie theater. After the show, I wanted some smokes and food, so hubby and I ordered some. But we had to give our selection to the chef to cook. He said it would be done in an hour and a half and I was greatly annoyed at the delay. He said he was the only person working on Sunday- that they were normally closed. Hubby was surprisingly very patient.
    That's all I recall.

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