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    by , 06-30-2014 at 06:05 PM (272 Views)
    In the first memorable dream, I saw great crowds of people. It was as if a combination of the Purge (viking men) and World War Z (women). The 2 sides were fiercely fighting it out, moving like rivers of people up and down a mountain side and throughout the country.
    Then the view focuses on a group of 3-4 people. I'm one of the men. We're barricading ourselves under ground until the 2 factions kill each other off. My friend goes to close the hatch when I see a small crack in the wall. Then I see hands as a Viking pulls the whole open enough to step inside (from outside ) We're having a standoff when he finally tells me he wants my son because he rapped the Viking's daughter. I tell him that's not possible but- turns out (after much posturing and threats with his poisoned blade)- it did happen.

    Then the dream changes and I'm me and it's the police or probation coming to take my eldest son away. He and a friend raped a 13 year old girl. I denied it at first, then my son admitted and I smacked him over the head, called him an idiot and a disgrace and told the law people to do what they must. I was still concerned about my son though and talked at length with the law people.
    Can't remember if that dream developed any further.

    But I woke up and wondered if I should tell my son the dream... then really woke up, rolled over, and fell back to sleep.

    Then I was having a flying dream. I ended up in a building where I made off with a cherry pie. There was a military function going on that I didn't know about and someone offered it, thinking I was a guest. I was still flying and making a general fool of myself as I tried avoiding the strange overhead lights. Then I saw my dad. I merely nodded at him then hurried outside.

    I woke and told my mom of the silly dream. She took my phone to call my dad and tell him... only to find out he had died.
    I went back to my room and Miley was in front of my computer even though I had just left the room, so I yelled at her. When she stormed out of my room, my mom yelled at her about some mess that Miley denied making (but everyone knew she had). I was still wondering if I should tell my eldest my dream of him, but a weird noise kept distracting me.

    It was my dog, vigorously shaking her head and I finally woke for real. At least I think I'm awake But it's too early for me to be up, so I'm going back to bed...

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