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    Nothing Special

    by , 04-04-2019 at 07:55 PM (482 Views)
    .. and yet I finally recall a few lol.

    I dreamed my kids were young. My eldest had a strange bony growth extending a bit from above his ankle yet well below his knee. It was knobby with one end jutting just a little higher than the rest. Zee had to see a Dr too, but I no longer recall what for.

    In another dream, my kids were still young (younger than the first). I had to move in with my grams. We were going to live in her closet. I was worried because I had taken a job at a book store, while there in the past, but I never showed up or called. [I still don't understand that dream. It's recurring, yet I've never even applied to work in such a store].
    I was also going to college (journalism, I think), but I was worried for a similar reason.

    In the last dream, I was young. I was with my mom and we were looking for a store. She cut off someone in a green car. It was a very close call and he honked at us. She went into the store (appliances, I think), and I stood outside eating cream...
    which actually ties in to an earlier dream.

    I was at my grnadmothers. There was a large gathering. I wanted some ice cream, and there was a large freezer with a vast selection. I chose "cream", which was sort of between ice cream and whipped cream lol. I wanted some berries to go with it but couldn't find any.
    Then I saw most of the dishes were dirty. Even the ones that had recently been washed, were dirty, which annoyed me.

    The last dream is a tidbit. I was standing beside a car. A man drove over to speak with me. We were opposing lawyers. Or I was a student, or both. He was nice enough but drove off forgetting his phone. I picked it up to give it back, but he was suddenly there and took it.
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