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    Okay... no more Diphenhydramine...

    by , 03-12-2012 at 03:28 PM (404 Views)
    ... for me before bed!! Which sort of sucks because it HAS gotten rid of the phlegm

    In one dream, I was fighting some robots. Some random DC's were my crew and I kept watching them get killed off one by one. One was shot in the chest just a couple of feet away. I kept shooting the robot, but it seemed impossible to kill.

    Then I had an upsetting dream about my hubby trying to convince me to go into a mental institution. I kept trying to tell him, as lovingly and polite as I could, that while I trusted him, I didn't trust him THAT much lol But they had some sort of helmet that was making headway in encouraging weight loss. And he was up in arms because our insurance was refusing to pay for my gallbladder surgery because I went to another town and I had a DNR that wasn't signed by anyone in the local medical community. He was thinking about suing the surgeon because I was septic and putting on weight. He said I should have lost at least 100 pounds from the procedure alone I'd only weigh 50 pounds

    There were dream snippets of animals going inside one of the secret rooms I sometimes dream about.
    And another of me being frightened by an enormous bug I thought was some crimson wasp. Someone told me it was actually a butterfly, and as I looked more closely at it, it unfolded it wings and was absolutely beautiful... only it had the mouth of a "pinching beetle" and I still didn't want to get all that close to it.

    I had a dream about the people from my old Congregation. I was confused because they were talking to me. One of the people was my old friend Roxanna. I still miss her IRL.
    I don't remember anything more though there was a lot more to the dream.

    Then I heard zones 2 and 4 go off IRL and I realized it was 8:00 and hubby was going to work. I fell back to sleep and dreamed I had sex with a 17 year old male relative
    Those who keep up with my rants can probably guess who that relative is, but I'm too paranoid to say- anywhere
    There was some woman sleeping in my bed. My hubby was out of town. He kept talking and I told him to shut up before he woke the woman. But while in the act, it occurred to me just who this person was and then the woman woke and said she was going to go to the Overseer because she just couldn't remain quiet.
    And then I woke up in total disgust, feeling like vomiting.

    I just did recall, for some reason, another snippet of dream. I dreamed there were lots of cats in my yard and all of them were in heat and had their butts in the air. I went around sprinkling their bottoms with pepper so the male cats would be uninterested lol
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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Hehehehe. Yep, it'll getcha.

      I once spent a DPH night trapped in a mind labyrinth. Everything was dark (but still kind of neon) blue, green, purple, and black, and that's it. I would find myself in a situation where I was trapped in some sort of psychotic obstacle course, they're hard to remember now but they were really strange, and they were all about being trapped. I would finally find my way out, knowing that I was supposed to wake up when I did (though I wasn't totally lucid at the time), and I would appear in bed, hop up, and feel everything all cloudy and be like "Damn it, I'm still dreaming!!" and suddenly I would shift back into another obstacle course, over, and over, and over, and over.... One time I even rolled over in bed and I felt my spirit shoot out the back of my body, I saw myself in third-person for a second, and then snapped back into myself standing up with that same dreamy feeling. Me: "DAMNIT!!!" No rest whatsoever....
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    2. Zhaylin's Avatar
      lol I hate dreams like that!!
      I've not had one in a long time, but for some reasons, in some of my dreams I'm incredibly tired. And I know that as soon as I fall asleep in the dream I'd wake up. But I can't fall asleep and I'm stuck in a dream loop. The weirdest thing of all is that I'm not lucid. The dream is my reality and I think I'm going crazy so I don't really want to fall asleep.
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    3. Zhaylin's Avatar
      darn double post...
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    4. Alyzarin's Avatar
      That is really weird! This was really my only experience like this, at least that I remember. That's strange though, it sounds exhausting.
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    5. Taffy's Avatar
      Some strange dreams there. Mine are always pretty tame, like sitting in class or something.