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    Thnk you Seroquel

    by , 08-14-2010 at 07:05 PM (1408 Views)
    I'm back on my Seroquel, for anxiety, and my dreams last night and this morning were amazing.

    Let's see... where to begin.

    Last night, I dreamed of talking with my JW [Jehovah Witness] friend. She lit up a cigarette (I was already smoking) and I cocked my head at her. I asked if she was sure she wanted to do that and she said yeah. It was only a half-jobby. Another JW walked in and was obviously uncomfortable. She (?) soon left and I told Roxanna she would be in trouble for talking with me and for smoking. She told the lady before she left that she was putting the cigarette out. That she prayed and found she hadn't needed it after all. She was asking the woman not to tell on her, but I knew it was pointless.
    Then the room filled up with JW's. They were having a meeting in the room we had been smoking in lol There was a new member who started to come over and introduce herself to me, but I held my head in shame and the woman walked away.

    Later, I was in a car with 3 Brothers [JW's]. There was Bob M, Frank B. and another guy I either don't remember or who was just a random DC. Each of them started smoking half-jobbies. I asked them what was going on, if I was somehow being set up for some sort of life lesson. I started to give them my excuses for turning my back on returning to the congregation: My house is still a mess, my daughters give me constant grief, I need to smoke to calm my nerves. But before I could open my mouth to say any of those things, I sadly smiled and told them "I get it". Whatever I could say is just a lame excuse, and there is no excuse for turning your back- not on returning to the congregation in so much- but on turning your back on God.

    Shut up brain. When I woke up, I lit a cigarette. I'm not ready to return just yet.

    I also dreamed something about the RV's but I lost them.
    I also had an epic dream which I've forgotten

    I was still sleepy, so I went back to bed.
    I had an epic dream. I was at an airport (surprise, surprise), but this time, I actually boarded the plane. I fell right to sleep and when I woke, I was in China or Japan. I told my hubby that wasn't possible, that I'm a heavy smoker and would have noticed. But I gave sway to the dream as usual.
    We were separated, and as I exited the plane, I noticed I had a huge turd hanging from my butt. I walked strangely until I could safely let it fall without being noticed. I wanted to pick it up and dispose of it, but people were coming and I wasn't ready for the embarrassment *ewwwww* lol.
    Most of the rest of the dream occurred in restrooms. I walked into a public restroom that was for both sexes and I nearly fell over from shock. There were people of both sexes crowding the area. In every corner there was someone getting a hand job, a blow job, or just having sex. I just wanted to use the bathroom lol but there wasn't a stall available.
    Back in our room, we were ordering food and the housekeeper was telling us she'd charge $40. extra if she had to remove our food from our room. She said, when we were finished, we should leave it outside, not in the room.
    Hubby ran into someone he knew and they talked shop for awhile. I went back to the restroom, and everything was quiet.
    It went on like that for some time, but I've forgotten the rest.

    Then the dream became another one and I was talking to a little girl. She asked what association was, then she kept falling off the back of the couch, but I kept catching her. I thought about calling her Sunshine, but that didn't quite fit. So for the next several minutes, her mom and I kept trying to come up with the names of some clowns. The little girl liked one called Amber. So I started calling her "Amber". She giggled and asked why. I told her she acts like a clown so I associate her with clowns because they're funny. Then she understood what association meant.

    The dream changed again and I was back at the airport, only the airplane went back and forth through time. I hate that I've forgotten most of the story, but the gist of the dream was that I was traveling to undo some wrongs my father had committed. I was a random DC for this part of the dream. Sometimes I was male, or female and once I was a male child. A lot of times, the wrong committed was that my father did nothing at all to stop an injustice he could have prevented. One time, it was simply showing an act of kindness to a woman who was gravely ill.
    At the end of the dream, someone became aware we weren't the people we said we were, but I woke up before I could see the dream through.

    Curse my brain and it's sudden fascination with outright symbolism. It knows I don't appreciate those sorts of dreams, so the messages from my dreams are usually more direct.
    I'll have to think on these some.

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