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    by , 10-09-2017 at 05:46 PM (667 Views)
    Don't recall much about my dreams last night. The pup woke me barking his head off so I jumped out of bed

    I remember a terrifying yet mesmerizing spider/alien creature. I kept trying to take his picture, but he vanished. Then a narrator came on, saying the creature prefers jungle habitats. So then the dream takes me to several cities. Someone with me commented that the cities looked exactly the same. I told him that city planners tend to copy ideas and plans from cities that work.
    The last city was surrounded by lush jungle. I ordered some food. It was Oriental- noodles and rice and other stuff. They messed up my order and was giving me a surprise dish to take home as compensation.
    Then I saw the spider creature. He was huge and had double or triple the amount of legs. He moved more like an octopus.
    As I snapped his picture, his legs then body hardened and crumbled to dust.

    Another dream had the spider creature in it too, but it was mostly about animals- cats and dogs. I set a cat on to "mate" (a reference to a video game called Ark), but I realized 5 hours later that I forgot to turn it off and the poor cat had been "raped" nearly to the point of death. A puppy got loose and I was afraid the spider creature would eat him.

    Bah!- I had another tidbit but forgot it while recalling those other 2
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Wow, loved the dream. That was interesting about the crumbling to dust wonder what that was about