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    Very Strange

    by , 03-28-2012 at 04:51 PM (512 Views)
    I had some very strange dreams between 4:30-11AM.

    In one dream, I went to my bio-dads house and he was there. I was upset and he came to me with his arms open, telling me he was okay, that everything was okay. He had a scar down his chest as if he had heart surgery.

    In another dream, bio-dads wife brought my family some bags of food- stuff she had already bought but would never use. I was with my ex-husband. We had gotten re-married and we were bickering about something.
    THen I dreamed of my [step] dad. He was asking me if I told the truth about something that had happened [in dreamland only] several years back. I had been attacked or something and he was asking if I had made it up. I did make it up, but I couldn't admit that to him and I acted angry that he didn't believe me.
    We were going to Vermont (?) to see someone in a hospital or something.

    In another dream, I was at some location I've often dreamed about but doesn't exist IRL. All the secret panels were being replaced and I was so upset that I couldn't use them anymore. The safe room was still there though as was the secret escape route through the floor.
    There was a lot more to that dream- a bad guy, some sort of monster, running and hiding but I don't recall the specifics.
    My former WV childhood friends were with me. I was upset that so much was changing over the years.

    In yet another dream, the wind was exceptionally strong outside. It blew a black cat right off a picnic table and I couldn't help but to laugh. I opened the door for all the animals to come inside, and my old cat Rogue was among them.

    At some other point in some dream or another, my family was showing me some dogs that had been abandoned. They were supposed to look scraggly but they were fine.
    There was also something where my kids were all little and I misplaced a tiny bunny and was mad at one of my kids for misplacing it and I feared the animals had gotten ahold of it.

    I even dreamed of space... I wish I could recall that one. It was odd. 2 people flew to the edge of space. One went beyond earths atmosphere and the other tried talking to that person but the one in space was holding its breath because there was no air. very weird.

    And I also had the typical, "getting lost" in my car dream.

    That's it.. gotta eat now

    Oh yeah... I forgot another dream I had.
    I was on line, looking at my bank statement, only it was different how it is IRL (though I tend to dream of it consistently). I had made a bunch of purchases then it occurred to me to cancel some of them so I would have money show up on my card for more practical purchases.
    But as soon as I would cancel one order, another order would be approved because it was in some sort of cue waiting until I had the funds to complete the purchase.
    One of the things I bought was 30 Turbo harvesters for Farmville lol. I was kicking myself in the butt for buying something so stupid, then I "remembered" they had cost less than $2.00
    Something else I bought was Everquest 2 related.
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