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    Very strange and dark

    by , 10-08-2017 at 09:16 PM (630 Views)
    I almost forgot this gem. I just woke up from a nap and started playing a game in bed when it came back to me.

    I was on another planet. I was scouting and came across a bunch of kids (teens) who were knocked out, sleeping on the ground. I knew it wasn’t natural. Then a group of them attack my party with bows and arrows. I told my party to use none lethal force because they were children under the influence of something.

    Next thing I know, we,re at their base. I notice a secret access under the stairs after I spied several people coming out via it. I finally got it open and it’s an unfinished earthen tunnel littered with skulls. But I also see the remains of ?? What’s it called? Like stadium seating for football games and such. Then someone caught me looking and said he wouldn’t go in there if he were me.
    I took his advice lol

    The rest of the dream was trying convince people to leave their home. Their was something like a rabies or zombie virus going around.
    After some debate and heartache over some who stayed behind, we finally fled.
    Then I heard a small boy singing a song about his fathers (ancestors) as we passed the skeletal remains of a massive space station. I realized they had been stuck on the planet for generations.

    At some point during that dream or another that followed, I dreamed of a deformed creature. He was upside down with his face and arms at his bottom. He bounced around eating sweets off the floor. Then he broke out a window to fight a few wolves and a bear.

    The other dream linked into the first. We were at a trading station and I was looking at all the goods, hoping to afford some things.
    Then we were on Earth, at a restaurant. There was a weird bug on me that looked like a cross between a spider and a blue lightning bug. I got up from our table to put him outside, then a noticed a second bug that was green and it looked like they were going to fight each other. I got lost on the way back inside.

    Strange dreams lol
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol Your dream was as strange as mine but still a good read. There's no better word to describe these kind of weird yet creepy dreams.