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    Close Friends

    by , 07-02-2011 at 12:48 AM (286 Views)
    I dreamt that I was hanging out with one of my friends and I spent the night at his house. I'm not sure if why we were spending time together like that since I haven't seen him since Elementary school and even then we weren't that close of friends. But anyways, we were in his car going to places and we went shopping for something, I found a few things that I wanted and then I realized I wasn't wearing my pants so I had no money (I was pants-less through half this dream so I guess I kind of got used to it.) when he says "No problem man, I'll get you." That made me really happy that my friend would be so nice to me even though we haven't really spent that much time together. We then went to one of his friends' houses and we hung out which is when I became lucid. I realized I was in a dream and I started to remember what I told myself "Okay, keep calm. Look around, feel these walls, look at that woman, look at the other people, take in the surroundings." Then I would take a few deep breaths and began walking around. The house was incredibly beautiful and very well done architecturally. I almost never recognize places or people when I have dreams so all of the people there I had no recollection of. The house was very large and seemed to have quite a few inhabitants, I also took note at how many pools and bathrooms they had because it seemed like there were so many. This dream had lasted much longer then my other two in terms of length because I managed to keep myself calm long enough, really glad that I'm making progress, or at least I think I am.

    Going to see if there are ways for me to become Lucid earlier, not WILD but at least close.

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