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    First Dream Journal

    by , 07-01-2011 at 12:21 PM (421 Views)
    I've never had a Dream Journal before. I've always wanted to make one but it's always eluded me. I would keep seeing people mention Lucid Dreaming, I've of course seen the movie Inception and I found the idea of being able to control dreams extremely interesting. I've recently looked up a lot of information about it and I've been trying for a few weeks. I've always had dreams ever since I could remember, when people tell me they don't dream I'm horrified. I loved dreams, I've always loved being able to get away in to my dreams. I've had a bad day, or something didn't go how I wanted, at least I would have an interesting dream that night.

    But recently after trying I have had my first few moments of becoming Lucid. My first dream I was on a boat that was owned by my Father, we had many friends there and suddenly I asked myself "Am I dreaming?" I remembered reading to check my hands and as I was looking at them I felt myself wobble and I instantly knew "Yes, I'm dreaming." I immediately set off to find my girlfriend to say hello to her. I turned and looked at a nearby table and saw the back of her and as I turned her to see her face I suddenly realized "Oh my, I don't remember her face." And when I turned her, her face was extremely similar to it but her eyes were two different colors (This is because she sometimes wears colored contacts, normally matching.). I went to kiss her and suddenly I was awake.

    I only realize now that it's because I became over excited and couldn't maintain the dream.

    The dream I had the next day I don't quite remember, but I do remember realizing I was in a dream and woke up a few moments later.

    I am very committed to working out how to Lucid Dream and I hope it goes well. Also, I dream every night so I guess this Dream Journal will fill up fairly soon.

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