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    by , 07-22-2011 at 05:05 PM (334 Views)
    I had two lucid dreams last night.

    First one occurred in a very long dream I was having. I was leaving my school, walking home I think when I realized I was in a dream, no reality checks required. I thought to myself "Oh man, it's been so long since I've had a lucid dream!" So I took a deep breath, felt my surroundings looked around, tried looking at the sky (It was a really bright sky for some reason). So I just started running off and remembered since I was in a dream I could do anything, I took a few leaps and tried to start flying but it didn't work until I remembered something I read about being able to think of having a pill which would give me the ability to fly and taking it. So I did it and it worked. I flew for no less than 5 seconds until I started to wake up when I remembered again, I could try and spin to stay dreaming longer. I tried an incredibly unsuccessful spin in the air and it bought me about 2 seconds. I woke up in my bathroom with my dog barking for some reason, I could hear my sister in the next room and I was wondering how I had got there when I had woke up again in my bed.

    That was my first false awakening.

    The next time I dreamt, I was almost immediately aware that I was dreaming, but... The weird thing is, someone was with me. Kind of like a guide. She told me that there was a great evil that I had to sub due, I told her that I didn't want to fight any evil, I just wanted to play around. I only caught a few glimpses of the evil but she didn't want me to go anywhere. I left the underground passages we were in and went up. I separated a wall and opened up a large amount of buildings and shops appeared, and she closed it. I re-opened it and suddenly everything was missing and the walls were bare. So instead I tried to create a door leading somewhere else on one of the walls, and she changed the location to somewhere destroyed by the guy. Some of it is a blur but I remember towards the end... After everything was said and done... She told me that she had to leave and that her job had been done. I told her to stay because I had grown to lover her (More like how a boy loves his mother) and she told me that I would be just fine on me own. When she had left... I cried. I cried and yelled at the top of my lungs. I don't understand why I cried so hard. It has to have been the hardest I've ever cried now that I think of it. I woke up a few moments later feeling incredibly sad.

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