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    1. First projection into desired location, and probably an hour of back to back lucids.

      by , 04-02-2018 at 12:12 AM
      Today I had my first lucid dream/out of body projection into a desired location - my home in Bangalore.

      Wall of text coming up. Keeping it succint, and the info useful and mainly discuss how I get into it, dream stabilisation techniques I used, and how I moved from one environment into another for those of you who want to get into what I feel is one of the most thrilling experiences of my life - being completely 'awake' and aware in dream world.

      It was a mixture of feelings of joy, accomplishment, elation, amazement, wonder to move from one completely 'real' and solid dream environment to another one in my Bangalore home (on a side note, I realise that I don't call it my parent's place, but Home).

      I started reading Jurgen Ziewe's Multidimensional Man yesterday. So that got me hankering for lucid dreaming again. I've also been a bit cut up about the fact that a lot of people count lucid dreaming, and OBE as separate, but Jurgen was clear that he felt they were both the same. This ties into the zeitgeist on the dream views forums where they class all lucidity in the dream world as lucid dreams, and not OBE's. As I felt that OBE's are out of body projections into consensus realities i.e. 'real' worlds, as opposed to dream worlds. Good to know someone Jurgen confirm they were the same. Then again, he can see his body in his dream in OBE, but probably wouldn't in a lucid dream - ahh, who knows. But we ramble, and somebody promised they wouldn't do that .

      My usual habit is to get back into lucid dreaming is to start dream journaling, but I hit upon a quicker more effective solution - I voice recorded my dream journal yesterday.

      It takes a few days of dream journaling to get into dream awareness to recall more than a few chunks of it. And that dream awareness making me recall more than a few chunks of it, also helps me more aware that I am dreaming in a dream, and allows me to get lucid.

      I had about an hour of pretty much continuous back to back lucid dreams, and whilst this was my longest stretch of lucids, it's also my usual pattern that I do get back to back lucids, around 3-4 of them at a time. Mainly because once I'm lucid in one dream world, I can retain that lucidity into the next 3-4 dream environments.

      I won't bore you with individual details of my dreams, but share what's relevant to those of you who want to try it. Mainly how I get lucid in a dream, and dream stabilisation techniques I was using and how I 'projected' to a different environment.

      Journaling makes me retain slightly more awareness in a dream world. I thought of making a song that says if I'm flying, in a strange place, outside my home, traveling, meeting friends, or FLYING, that I'm in a dream world. So it's basically flying that gets me to realise I'm in a dream world, or strange situations that I'm not supposed to be in, like Minnesota the last time around.

      So last night, I was flying in a dream, and showing off my flying skills, to people and realised, hey, I can only do this in a dream, and got lucid in the dream, but it dissolved.

      The next dream, ditto - realise I'm flying, so must be in a dream, but it dissolved.

      In my next dream, I find some tapestry before me and start feeling the intricacies in the tapestry, looking at them in fine detail, and I go in and out of lucidity though the dream stays relatively stable in that environment.

      I then do a cross brain (Psych-K) belief change posture in my dream, and change the belief that I can't stabilise a dream world, into a belief that I can stabilise a dream world.

      I'm then in a bed, where I wake up and step out of my bed, and it's a half formed, dark dream world, and I just keep my hands on the walls, and walk from room to room, up and down stairs, never taking my hands off the walls. And I'm able to extend lucidity for a fair bit.

      Then come a whole series of back to back fully lucid dreams for about the next 30-45 minutes.

      At the end of them, I think, okay, lets project to a different dream environment, and I think about my Bangalore home. I imagine the door, and how it would look like. I look down, and I see a part of the gate, and think it's part of the home, and then see the house and stumble into it. I'm so excited by this, instead of waiting to stand and look around, or see if I can meet my folks, I just try and 'project' into the next place I can think of, and the dream dissolves and I finally wake up.

      Points to ponder:
      1. Audio recording more effective, and easier than typing it out. I record it on a whatsapp message to a 'dead' contact.
      2. Dream stabilisation techniques as a priority in the dream. Use all senses, touch, sight, smell, temperature, to get immersed in the dream environment. If the dream starts to dissolve, I bend down, feel the dirt, or the walls as I walk.
      3. No sudden moves in the dream or it destabilises. Slow and steady work the stabilisation in.
      4. Once stabilisation settled in, then attempt to project to a different dream environment by imagining parts of it. The brain fills the rest in, and I'm immediately transported there.
    2. My first extended lucid dream sequence, and first lucid dream sexy time!

      by , 10-09-2017 at 07:33 AM
      Extended lucid dream sequence (I manage to stabilise the dream, And get laid!)

      I'm on the top of a buss that's hurtling down a muddy road,that's slippery and filled with water at points. We're hurtling down, and I'm right on top of the bus. Hanging on precariously, yet stably.

      The driver has to press his brakes at various times, but appears to be driving safe enough not to hit people.

      Then I see gorgeous giant (naked?) women. Walking past. They all look exactly the same.

      The next scene I remember is I'm in what looks like a classroom with all these ladies who look exactly the same. The story comes out that they were one person, condemned to death and are now stuck on our world, and have slit into dozens of clones in the process.

      The next scene goes back to another place, where a friend of mine named Adam has seen one of these clones as he was walking up. Adam's a player and I wonder, probably assume, he's already slept with her.

      Then something shakes. Adam, who's now me, go to look for it. It's a tiny black package that we had packed a dead doll into. It breaks open and this super hot clone pops out. It's like we already know each other, and we begin to take each others clothes off. This is when I get LUCID.

      I don't want to make any sudden movement. It's somehow more important to me to have the dream stabilised, than to have sex. Of course, being me, I want the dream stabilised so I can have sex. Instead of trying to have sex, get excited and lose the dream.

      So in previous dreams, I didn't look at the details, thinking if I looked too closely, the dream would dissolve. But I looked at a few dream stabilisation techniques yesterday, and they said feel everything, smell everything, engage your senses so you get fully immersed in the dream world.

      I'm amazed at the level of detail. I see one of my blue shirts hanging on the wall, and can see the interweaving threads. I can feel every nuance in the fabric.

      I go back to the Undead Zombie Alien Hottie (Uzah). I lie back on the bed, and she takes her clothes off. I'm in a hurry. I'm afraid I'll wake up before popping my lucid dream virginity. She takes her clothes off and slides onto me. It feels amazing, as good, or even better than real sex. We get jiggy for a while and I think, hey, lets have dream bum love. I put my finger up her bum, and it just feels so real. She seems to be agreeable to the bum love. So I turn her over doggy style and am about to enter her, when I get soft, and can't do it.

      I don't stick around, and keep exploring the dream environment. I go into the next room, and see my friend with his wife and kid. And I start to take my clothes off - getting a bit crazy in a dream to see where it goes. But I think, nope dont go too crazy in case the dream dissolves, dont go ahead with it.

      I look into his fridge and I try to remember what I see to see if it coincides with his kitchen in RL. But thinking about it now, it looks nothing like his kitchen or house at all.

      I'm still using all my senses, touching the items in the fridge, feeling them, breathing the air in.

      I go back into the bedroom and see Uzah, and she looks so beautiful lying in bed, that I think about having intimate cuddle sex with her. She's super tall and I think about our limbs entwining. But another friend of mine comes into the room wanting, of all things toothpaste. I walk over into the bathroom and find some toothpaste to give him.

      I come back into the room and look out of the window and I see a huge lawn with people, and a flying pyramid shaped cage just floats in and sits on the grass. I walk down to the lawn and among the people. I already want to have dream sex again, but there's no one attractive enough. I walk around the lawn, feeling the grass, and then look up to see where my room is where i came from and wonder if I'll be able to get back in there.

      I think I'll enter the hotel rooms and find a beautiful girl to flirt and bonk.

      They say this is what you start doing when you lucid dream. Attempt to have a lot of dream sex and I think it's just a waste of time. Then again, I popped my lucid dream cherry and almost had dream bum love and doesn't honestly feel like a waste of lucid dream time to me, when I was just exploring my dream environment in my previous ones.

      I attempt to climb the stairs, and instead of going the long way around (which I will in future dreams, as controlling dream limbs is sometimes difficult and the dream can easily dissolve).

      I'm climbing up the garden and it gets precarious, and its hard to control my dream limbs. But I remember previously, that it was hard to control my dream limbs and I woke up. So this time, I feel the grass, the mud, the flowers, to immerse myself in the 'reality'\ of the dream environment.

      I then take a step that seems pretty daring to me (in terms of risk of dream dissolving terms) as I roll down the muddy garden steps instead of walking down them.

      The dream is stable enough. I go on, up the stairs into the first floor. The domestic doesn't want me there and points me towards the reception desk. I wait for him to move and then start peeking into rooms. I see couples, a beautiful brown skinned girl who looks like she thinks I'm cute, bashfully lifts her shoulders as she runs past me, I see another room where a couple are having sex with each other, and theres another guy in there having a conversation with the guy in the couple. Both the guys look at me as I stand outside the door. I walk on into the end of the corridor, and see a filthy room that has a guy sleeping on the bed, and another guy standing in the corner.

      I wonder about where to go next, and as I'm vacillating the dream dissolves. Lesson learnt to always keep moving in dreams.

      So yep, despite my intention not to try school night lucid dream attempts, I still set a reminder to go off at 2am saying 'You are dreaming', and it worked as I was repeatedly checking all through my dreams if I really was dreaming.

      My goals of stabilsing a dream (really look into every sensory element of the dream, touch, taste, smell, even temperature), having dream sex, and an extended lucid dream, re-stabilising the dream at times when I thought it would get shaky were all met.

      Now to explore other aspects like dream control, contacting my shadow self and doing some inner depth work with my sub/unconscious.

      If people do want to get into lucid dreaming - I'd highly recommend a dream journal. At worst, you can analyse your dreams, and at best, you can enter a different world that you can slowly begin to control, almost every night.
    3. 4 back to back lucids

      by , 10-08-2017 at 10:57 PM
      4 back to back (albeit short) lucid dreams.

      Prepwork: Daily dream journaling, daily 'Am I dreaming'
      check ins, and probably most importantly - setting a reminder to go off a couple of hours after I fall asleep saying 'you are in a dream'.

      Whilst I haven't been dreaming when that reminder has gone off, it does stay in my consciousness for the next couple of hours. My goal: No sudden movements. Just work on stabilising the dream environment.

      1. I'm in a pub across different levels. I'm trying to get to an upper level, when I realise I'm dreaming and get Lucid. I walk across the stairs, but when there's rungs, I can't use my legs in the dream to climb up. I try using my hands for support to pull me up, but this doesn't work either. The dream dissolves.

      2. I'm in a car with two famous actresses on either side of me in car, and one of them's driving. And I think hey, doctor/psychiatrist in the day, and the two hottest actresses in the world on either side by night. 'Almost sounds like a dream', I say to my companions, and then realise it is a dream and get Lucid. I tell them to chill out even if it is a dream, as I want the dream to stay stable. We drive to the top of the hill, and I can crane my head all the way around and see the road drop away by the hillside probably into the ocean. We reach the top of the hill, and there's a bar called 6 pack, but the dream dissolves before we can enter it.

      3. Another where I'm at a lucid dreaming workshop and leave it, I then become Lucid, only to return to speak to people, but wake up on my way back. Okay, to be honest. I saw a couple of hotties in the other room and went back to find them, but hey, overexcitement caused the dream to dissolve.

      4. Another dream where I get lucid in a closed room. I walk around the room, closely examining everything but feel my feet touching each other on the bed, and my feet touch each other in the dream and I stumble.

      - the reason I'm sharing pretty trivial details is not so much the details, but the process I'm working through and what is working, doesn't work if there are people trying to replicate it. Changes of scenery, not being able to control my body for complex movements in dreams, getting excited, running are all ways that end up dissolving the dream.

      I think to stabilise my dreams, I should say 'dream stabilise!' or some other command, and better meditations so I'm more grounded in my dreams.

      Setting a reminder to go off a couple of hours into sleep is a boss move to be constantly aware to check if I'm dreaming. This helps me get back to back lucid dreams. Daily dream journaling is a must tho'.

      I wouldn't recommend trying to lucid dream in the week, as it eats into precious school night sleeps. But A-OK to try it on weekends.
    4. Back to back lucids.

      by , 09-28-2017 at 11:36 AM
      That's 6 lucid's in two days. The first three dropped into wispy dream fragments, and the fourth resolidified after de-fragmenting.

      I'm in an hotel/nursing home kinda place and once I realise I'm lucid, I get excited and move forward. I see the dream fragmenting and I speak out loud Dream Stability, and it works, but only for a few seconds, and dissolves.

      In another dream, I realise I'm lucid, and find I'm in a fenced meadow with a couple of hundred people. I'm in my underwear and there's only one person who can see me, and this is because he's high on mary jane. Then his friends who are high too see me. I tell them we're in a dream, and then prove it to them by flying up. I ask for a joint as I can't have it in real life, and we're in a circle as they pass the doobie around. I take a deep couple of drags and the dream dissolves.
    5. First successful WILD lucid dream(s) sequence

      by , 09-27-2017 at 08:09 AM
      So I've been looking to lucid dream these past couple of weeks since my first one in years three weeks ago.

      I've been dream journaling everyday. Reality checking all through the day. Watching movies on lucid dreaming. And reading books on it. So I can carry the Am I dreaming now feeling into the dreams. Well, it worked.

      I'm having a shower with a gorgeous girl and her much younger sister. And there's a voice on loudspeakers asking us to shower together, and I take that to mean that we should move closer. We're all already naked. It's pretty platonic (we've been in the shower for the last 8 hours I realise), and I just think I'm going to be 'decent' and not a perv. But they come back with towels wrapped around them. But instead of a shower, I realise we're at a meditation retreat and we start meditating in a grassy meadow. I know I wanted to do a meditation retreat, but didn't know I'd already signed up for it. Someone says I didn't know we'd end up in Louisville (and I realise there's no way I'd end up there and realise it's a dream). I make a joke about, we're not in Kansas anymore. And i begin to drop out of the dream, and it turns wispy and abstract and I think that maybe I had a coffee in real life and thats why I'm having these semi dreams. I feel like I'm just on the fringes of the dream.

      Another dream where I'm with my medschool buddies, and think to myself in the dream that I'm tired as I've been up at night trying to lucid dream. And then realise I Am in a dream. But again, it's on the fringes of the dream once I realise it. But once I do realise it, I keep talking to whoever I'm talking to. Not making any sudden moves, and just watching it play out.

      In another dream, the same super gorge girl from before comes up to me and gives me a drink with a piece of warm cinnamon cheese (?!!) she's put into it. I realise we're in a dream and think I say it to here. But once I realise I get back on the fringes of the dream again.

      In another dream, I'm with Jeffrin, my best bud from 30 years. And I realise it's a dream, and I'm on the fringes of the dream again. We're inside a room and chatting and I think hey, lets just be a dick to him in the dream. So I say, Jeff, you're a real asshole, huh? He doesn't bat an eyelid and comes back to me with 'How's your music practice going?. And I say whoa, you know my weak spots. He says yeah, there's around a half dozen, there's more, but I'm not fussed about them. That teaches me to behave. And I go back to doing what I'm doing on the fringes of the dream environment. And then Suddenly the room becomes fully solid. I walk looking around. Dont make the mistake of telling Jeff this is a dream. And go out on the balcony, and don't want to see or do too much as it would get me out of the dream. I'm thinking I don't want to be cooped inside the house in a dream and want to go out, but again, don't want to make any sudden moves as I want to keep the dream going. Then the super gorge girl comes into the room, and begins to put her trainers on as if to go out. I can't believe my eyes, this is a dream come true within a dream. I get to go out, and I'm going to get jiggy with this super gorge girl (who's been following me around in my dreams and seems pretty into me). But get too excited and the dream drops away.

      So whilst not much happened, it's teaching me about getting the hang of lucid dreaming. Once I realise I'm lucid, the dream drops from solidity to a blurry image, and instead of giving up the ghost with that particular dream, I should just stick on, not make any sudden moves or say anything out of the ordinary, and wait for it to turn solid.

      Which was something else. In one second I'm sleeping in my bed, and seeing this dream vision in front of me. And the next, I'm in a completely solid room I can walk around in, look out of the balcony overlooking the city night lights and interact with people I've seen in various other dreams.
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    6. Convincing people we're in a dream

      by , 09-27-2017 at 08:03 AM
      Spontaneous lucid dream. First one in years (had two others people where I just flew around).

      When I'm in my dreams, I completely surprise the people around me by being able to levitate, and glide along the ground. Sometimes raise my body up to 10-20 feet as I almost fly. Angling my body around to change direction, and being able to increase speed by leaning forwards and decrease speed, or come to a stall by leaning backwards.

      I've often told myself that I can only do this in dreams, and if I find myself doing it in one of my dreams to realise that it is a dream.

      Well, that happened.

      I'm flying around in my old medschool campus, and realise hey, I'm flying, this must be a dream. I keep flying, gliding around and come to rest in a garden where people are listening to a talk.

      I see a beautiful lady being pestered by this guy who's hitting on her. I know now I've seen her in other dreams. I go up to her and kiss her, and she smiles and I lift her up off her seat, carry her a couple of steps and walk with her. She's happy I've saved her from the sex pest.

      I'm walking with her, and tell her this is a dream and I'm completely lucid. I know that she's a theta healer, I've seen her in other dreams, and can also recall that there was a time she slept with someone else at another conference.

      She think's it's cool, and helps me down a staircase and lets me into a room where I meet a group of my old friends.

      Everything seems absolutely real. Solid, obeying laws of physics. I tell him I've realised I'm in the middle of a dream, and so are they. And they don't believe me. I say, I can prove it. And they don't believe I can. One of them says Hey Ryan wants to prove to us that this is a dream, and asks a couple of guys chatting to be silent.

      I say, 'Okay. Count your fingers!'. (you can't count your fingers, and or use light switches in dreams).

      And they absolutely shit when they find out. Lots of shouts of whoa! WTF! as they all realise that it really is a dream. I pick something up, a tiny bottle filled with a yellow liquid and I say okay, lets test things out a bit and think about throwing it on the floor. I wonder about pieces of glass, and spilt liquid, that other people have to avoid after I do this. And just as I start to hesitate.... that's when the dream completely dissolves and I'm awake again.

      Maybe my mind just couldn't handle keeping so many lucid consciousnesses alive in the dream. Heck, it's a surprise I was able to keep the lucidity going for as long as I did.

      The last lucid dream I had was around 5 years ago, when I counted my fingers, realised I was dreaming and instantly took a couple of steps, took a jump and started flying.

      I think now this realise I'm dreaming when I'm flying thought has been firmly embedded, I might just have a lot more lucid dreams. Unless that thought makes me stop flying now. But I don't think so. I fly pretty often in my dreams, and in an earlier dream tonight I realised I spooked an elephant when I was flying, and it started to attack me, and I had to drop down to the ground and dodge it standing on the other side of a pillar and.. okay, that's another dream and another story.
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