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    Thread: Flying Spaghetti Monster's Workbook

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      Flying Spaghetti Monster's Workbook

      I'm Flying Spaghetti Monster, i'm 20 and have been lucid dreaming since i was about 15. Throughout this time, i've had periods of vivid recall and lucid dreams separated by 'dry spell' periods.

      DILD is the only method i've had success with, all of my 20 or so LDs have been DILDS.

      I hope that participating in this course will help me figure out a more reliable technique and better DILD habits in general. Also, this last dry spell has been a little too long and i'd like to break it sooner rather than later.

      At the moment i'm probably recalling around 6 or 7 dreams a week but they are not often particularly vivid. I have been very busy with university/work/getting wasted recently and this is definitely having an effect on my dreams. Despite this, I have noticed that I have been having more surreal/profound dreams in the last few weeks so i feel it's time to get on top of this lucid dreaming thing!

      looking forward to the lessons and tasks

      also, it's great to see the DVA back in business!
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      Hi and welcome to DILD workshop! Glad to have you here

      DILD can be a very reliable technique, but it requires some work. If you not practicing some form of daytime awareness technique on top of your RCs and mantras, please look at these tuts -
      Sporadic awareness and
      All day awareness.

      Check out this tut for breaking a dry spell

      Awareness techniques will train your mind to start asking "Am I dreaming" while in regular dream and that should get you lucid.

      Please write down every dream, even if it's just one word or feeling you remember. Good DJ will help you track your dry spell for LDs and also recall and maybe you'll notice a reason, why are they happening. BTW, dry spells are normal. It's important not to get frustrated by them, just accept it and keep your enthusiasm up

      Could you please ad your LD count to your profile so it shows with your posts? It's easier to track them that way. Happy dreams

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      Hey spagbol! Glad to see you made a workbook.
      Gabs pretty much left me out of words again do I'll just have to set you some tasks
      - when you wake up go over the dream in your head, once the memory is fixed in your mind, make sure you write it down in your DJ (everyday)
      - try out the WBTB Mild technique if you haven't already
      - try out some awareness techniques to see what works for you
      - write your progress here (:

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      I remember you!
      Question, do you wake up before your alarm for university/work? If so, you could put the alarm like 15mins earlier, wake up and change alarm to normal hour, then try to MILD or WILD and see how it goes. A small trick I use sometimes when stressed, without sleep and with lots of HW <.<
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