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    Thread: Madsl`s Worbook

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      Madsl`s Worbook

      Hello my name is mads and i am a 16 year old from norway!
      I just recently discovered lucid dreaming and it seems really intresting and i have always since then wanted to try to get a lucid dream..
      My goals is to have atleast one lucid dream where i fly around the world and have full control over it..
      Some things that seem scary tough is sometimes i think off scary characters that i dont like when i don`t want to think about them.. The thing i am worried about it if i am in a lucid dream i think about that character and it actually appears in the dream and turns it into a nightmare..

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      Welcome to DILD class!

      Oh, yeah, flying is awesome. It's a number one on everybody's lucid "to do" list. And I'm pretty sure, you will get to fly in your first lucid, because I think we as humans have this uncontrollable urge to fly. You can't help it. You will fly.

      Once you in a lucid dream, you forget all your fears, because you will understand, that you are in a brand new world that you control.

      Even if something scary shows up, all you have to do is to think "this is nice and cute and i love it" and it will change into cute little bunny or something like that. It's your dream and your thoughts rule. And, you can always wake yourself up, if you don't like your dream, or teleport, or say "there is a beach behind me", turn around and go for a swim.

      Here is an article you can start with. Read up and post your questions. Happy dreams


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