I hear you Nazrax. First, I agree with all of FM's pointers. I also wanted to add that sometimes a slightly different twist on a practice or practices gives us the little push we need to get back into the win column. You also want to try to avoid stressing about becoming lucid as that can work against you. Sometimes when you take the pressure off of yourself it puts you in the right mindset to succeed with lucid dreaming. That doesn't suggest stopping practices, but rather not worrying about when you will next become lucid. I know that is easier said than done.

In reading LD literature before bed, besides putting your mind on LDing which is probably the primary benefit, you may come across some new ideas or perhaps just a different way to view something that you already knew...and that could give you the spark that you may need, allowing you to find ways to put (more) joy and/or vigor into at least some of your practices. If you can find at least some joy in at least some of the practices, it will provide waking benefits while you continue to work towards progressing in lucid dreaming. It really is a journey…a journey that I personally find very rewarding in many different ways.

You know you will be telling us about your latest lucid before you know it…you got this!

(My mind is tired…let me know if something I said didn't make sense.)