big lucid dream last night. Long one. probably 8-10 minutes.

I'm in a dorm room putting things away. I am going back to college as an adult and I'm afraid of what this experience will be like. I have my dog frank with me and i'm wondering how i'm going to deal with her peeing on the floor. I try to find her leash but i can't and use a rope belt to fashion a leash for her.

Now i'm walking through hallways and looking for some orientation information. I am stopped by a couple of beautiful women in the hallway and they flirt with me for a second. I get weirded out and make my way to another room with a long table full of papers. I find my schedule and start to look at it but then i leave instead.

now i'm walking through a courtyard at night that's lit up by streetlights and i find a building with columns and i know it's a university building holding orientation. I go inside that there are videos playing on screens around a big empty room with shiny brick floors.

I'm watching a video about the cultural makeup of this town and they have a food segment where they show the layering of a taco and it's like a commercial with topping after topping and they start getting more absurd and fast, orange slices, cheese, a full gyro sandwich, an encyclopedia and at this point i know i'm dreaming and do a Dream Breath.

I look at the screen and say "freeze." the image freezes. I say "reverse" and it starts going backwards. I say, "show me naked women" and the screen starts flashing images of paintings and statures very fast. I'm smiling.

I start looking around the room and remember that I wanted to use healing energy to fix my back. I hold my hands out at arms length near my midsection and think about a healing energy going into my lower back pain. I can feel a warmth emanating from my hands and pulsing into my body. I know in my heart that this is working. after a few minutes i start moving outside.

I walk outside and look up at the big beautiful moon and bright stars. I float up into the night. I get up very high and look aroudn and suddenly there are moons and stars everywhere i look, I start flying around and the scene destabilizes and i wake up into the void.