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      psychological techniques

      Dream control is an art and as with any art there is varies techniques to achieve success. Like anything it will take some practice to succeed. The time spent in carrying out these varies approaches as mentioned below will achieve the right results and is well worth the effort. You will discover instead of randomly stumbling through a lucid experience. Your dreams will become much more controllable and less random.

      Controlling your dreams requires training your mind and understanding how your mind works psychologically. Objects can be associated with meaning and power as you put energy into them for specific purposes. When mastering these objects you will begin to discover just how much you can change your dream and just how much control is possible. The more control the more enjoyable the experience of freedom that results.

      The idea is to create your own devices, your own technology. These objects serve as a technological device to controlling your dreams and will come alive with consistent and specific use. They are faith based. The more detailed and accurate your focus on these objects the better. The more you believe they work. The more they will work.

      Some ideas for lucid dreaming objects.

      1) Using a wand. The advantages of using a wand is that when you're in a dream you can direct your willpower and imagination through this tool which carries an expectation of something "magic". The more energy you put into this object the greater the results. By having one in real life you can carry it over to your dream. The object becomes a familiar tool of power that can be utilized in dreams to manifest objects. You can practice visualizing the effectiveness of the wand before bed and also during the day.

      Things you could do with a wand:
      The main thing to do with a wand is make things appear. For instance if you want a gun. You can use the wand to manifest a gun. To begin with you can manifest things behind an object, such as a tree. For example if you wanted a gun and needed one to appear you could try using the wand and pointing it at the tree. After the magic spell you could look behind the tree and expect to see a gun. Which could then be used for other purposes. If you wanted to eat something you could also makes cakes and other food appear with the wand. It is important to note that at first you may not be able to use the wand effectively enough to make things appear out of thin air as this is very difficult. You may gradually build up to that stage with practice if desired, although I have found with my experience this to be counter-intuitive. The best way to use the wand is in combination with other techniques. You may utilize a doorway to manifest things outside of it with the wand. Using the cover of things such as behind a wall or under water. You can use water to dive down and retrieve the desired object. If it is a big object such as a car. A more advance technique may be required to obtain this kind of item. For example you may need to manifest a car park scene. Then you would choose a car to get into. You may need to manifest some keys to get it started and unlock the doors. Getting into the car park would require a more advance technique of scenery changing which we will get into later.

      2) A broomstick:
      If you are having trouble flying in dreams you can utilize a broomstick for a number of reasons. Firstly it is already mythological. Harry potter and other movies depict flying on broomsticks and it is already deeply in the subconscious of the collective mind that you fly on broomsticks. Or a magic carpet would equally qualify. To get a broomstick you could use the wand technique to make one appear. But it is best to have a specific broomstick that you are familiar with that you work with all the time. Once you have the broomstick you must have a degree of faith in it's power. Making inscriptions on the handle may represent something to give it more power. As silly as it may sound the idea is to instill and associate power into your broomstick so it serves as a conduit for a vehicle of flying. Consider it similar to advance technology. It is best to keep these objects in your room so when you become lucid in your dream your room has the required objects present. The idea is to make these objects accessible as possible. A physical object in my experience is a much better conduit for results than simply your imagination alone without these "gadgets". Once you have a sufficient relationship with the right object such as a broomstick. You can find yourself flying much more effectively. You will fly faster, higher, and with more accuracy than usual. As your faith in the broomstick increases so will it's effectiveness.

      As a side note I have mastered flying the difficult way. So I can fly without this object to some degree. But the broomstick just makes it easier and gives you something to control your flying with.

      3)The transporter.
      This object is designed to help you change scenery. I find that when I begin a lucid dream it often starts off in my bedroom as I tend to leave my body from a WILD in the morning. This means if I want to go to somewhere decent or different I have to fly out of my house quite some distance to get to a beach, a shop, or some other desired location. This wastes precious time. It's not uncommon for me to spend all of the lucid dream flying some distance, only to wake up before I reached my location. This is why flying is not always a satisfactory method of travel. Unless you are flying high to enjoy some scenery, a different technique is needed to change scenery quickly and effectively.

      This object is one that I have not managed to master yet as it is quite an advance technique to be using. So I lack experience with this object. The idea is to have a device that allows you to manifest scenery. Consider a laptop computer or a television. The bigger the screen the better. Whatever you decide on be consistent with your approach. Consistency is the key. The idea is to manifest a picture on the screen. Now you could also use your wand to make this picture appear if that works. I suggest turning around and then using the wand. Then turning back to the screen. This will work way better than if you simply look at the screen to manifest the picture. The picture is the location where you want to go. So you must imagine the scenery you want to be involved in and then get that on the screen. You can collect pictures of scenery and apply it to a frame in real life. And then carry those pictures you have previously collected and use them in your dream. However you manage to do this you now have the correct picture on the screen. The next thing to do is a faith based jump. You want to stand back run a little way and jump into the picture. It may be easier if you roll into it. If all goes well you will find yourself in the picture which has now become a 3d atmosphere. I've found this is just how the mind works. If you have trouble jumping into your scenery. You may have to invent an object that is specifically designed to take you into the picture. No matter if you decide on a specialized laptop or a frame with pictures. Or a television. Whatever it is. Make it consistent and have it in your real life environment and become familiar with it's functions until you can apply them correctly in your dreams.

      So now we have briefly covered 3 possible techniques to work on for better dream control. I myself am a novice at these techniques but the idea is there. Any questions, feedback, or other ideas are welcome. I hope this has inspired or at least provided something of worth to assist. I would be extremely interested in anyone taking these techniques seriously and applying them in the most scientific way into their lucid dreaming and how effective they can be to make the LD experience more enjoyable.
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      I have used a broomstick to fly before. Now I don't need it, but it sort of acted like training wheels.

      Since all dream control is based on your belief/intent, these ideas are useful but ultimately crutches. Using something like a wand to preform magic is helpful because it lets you practice and experience what is possible; but once you know what is possible, you can leave out the wand and just intend for something to happen and it will.

      That can be easier said than done, however. I still use something like your transporter to move into different dream scenes as I can't just manifest one instantly yet.

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