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      Getting to Heaven

      Read: Before anyone posts whether or not you believe in heaven or hell or anything related to religious preference, don't even bother. I don't care what you believe to be honest and I don't want this topic to go down that road.

      So I had a lucid dream last night and I started to do some things that I had never done before, such as summon fire with my mind and use telekenisis on things. I began to fly like I always do in my lucids, and I decided I wanted to try to reach heaven. I am extremely curious as to what my subconscious thinks heaven is like.

      I flew as high as I could and tried to enter, but my body became heavy upon reaching a certain height, and I sank back down.

      I was wondering, has anyone made it to "heaven" in their dreams? If so, how did you do it?

      I need help thinking of ways to get there, I just can't think of anything besides flying upwards. Does anyone have any techniques I could try?


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      Open a door, your more likely to find heaven in your bathroom then find it in the clouds. Just tell yourself heaven will be behind that door. Or you could kill yourself in the lucid. A door seems easier though. Also I've had that experience before, I couldn't fly once past a certain point, and in one LD I decided I was high enough (I was skydiving though). I think it was because I didn't really imagine what was above me, make sure to look at where your going if you are flying into the sky. If you still feel you can't fly, try taking the weights off your feet (you didn't notice they were there did you xD)
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