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      Need clarity tips

      After a summer of break, im back on DV(And lucid dreaming)
      It started with a succesfull VILD, in which i were able to fly freely without any tools, which is a huge step forward. But the problem is, the clarity in my dreams are at bottom. I just doesnt think clearly. When i wake up, i think like "What did i do that for?".
      I really hates this. I wanna have the same clarity as in real life. Is B6/B12 a good idea?
      I sleep 8-10 hours each night, would be a disaster to waist them.

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      I've had a similar experience developing the skill of lucid dreaming and then after going on hiatus and coming back, I could attain lucidity almost as easily, but my clarity was way down. Affirmations have been extremely helpful, consciously bringing closure to events of the day before bed to help my mind focus as well. I have taken somethings internally that I've liked also though. B6/B12 are vital nutrients, but take too much too close before bed and you won't sleep well. Herbal infusions of Gotu Kola, Bacopa and/or Oatstraw Milky Tops have helped me. A tincture could work as well, but I prefer an infusion.
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