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      The power of your Voice

      One cool thing I've noticed in my attempts of control is the power of vocalization.

      Most often in dreams, I'll find myself communicating with DCs, as well as myself, through thoughts. It's usually sufficient, but when I become lucid it doesn't seem to give me enough substance to keep the dream stable.

      One time while lucid, in an attempt to further ground the environment, I decided to focus on my voice. Instantly I could feel the tangible vibrations coming out of my throat, and adding a unique clarity to the dream. My train of thought seemed more focused, and I had less difficulty staying on task. It proved incredibly effective in communication with DCs as well, particularly when giving them a command.

      The only trouble I have with it is when I'm trying to enter into a dream through visualization, I worry that I'll end up yelling in my bed, rather than in my dream...

      Has anyone noticed the difference when focusing on their voice, rather than speaking from their thoughts?

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      well, your voice.. from my own experience can also control whats going on around in the dream....
      for instance, some construction worker walked over to me ans started yelling at me, you better stay away from her!!! and walks away
      i was lucid, and didnt like that one bit! i didnt know who he was talkin about o 0 so i whispered break a leg...and he did

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      Speaking of speaking in a dream and thinking you'll talk out loud, that happened last night for me. I yelled clarity a few times and hoped i didn't yell it in real life. The clarity worked though.
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