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      Is this control?

      This morning, I woke up at about 4am and decided to use the Lucid Timer (a program which I found here). I had it set to play through my stereo speakers. As I began to drift off, I heard the alarm the first time. I lay perfectly still. The images started coming, and I told myself that I wanted to be wearing yellow shorts. I don't remember why I told myself this. Anyway, a short time later, I was walking down a set of stairs in my house. I looked down and saw I was wearing blue swimming trunks. I looked up again and reiterated that I wanted yellow shorts. I was not in a deep sleep, and I knew I was dreaming, or at least in the beginning stages. Then, the next time I looked down, I noticed I was wearing a yellow and white striped shirt with yellow shorts. I was quite pleased with myself. After a while, I fell into a deeper sleep, and the Lucid Timer did not wake me up anymore. I woke up next with my alarm clock an hour later.

      Anyway, would you consider this dream control? It didn't feel like a normal dream where I was "lost" in it, but rather aware of what I was trying to do. I was fully aware that I was laying down in bed. I've never lucid dreamed before, so I'm not even sure if this is a form of a lucid dream.

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      That was a lucid dream, and some decent dream control. Congrats! Next time try for something more ambitions, like a hot girl in yellow.

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