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      Presence of mind in lucid dreams

      As you can see by looking to the left, I've had 5 LDs (all DILD.) The problem is, in most of them (not counting the first one, which only lasted a second, and one, in which I actually did take control) I have not had the presence of mind to do anything. I would realize that I was dreaming, and then stay lucid for a while, but not actually take control of the dream, and within a minute or two either lose lucidity or wake up.
      Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of having the presence of mind to take control (and not in the dream, because once I'm in the dream, if it's not there, I'm not going to have the presence of mind to increase my presence of mind)?
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      Learning to focus and think in lucid dreaming is like working out, it takes practice and time.

      One learns to examine, think, reflect, etc while dreaming. I have practiced visual recall while in a dream, which, confuses me as it should not be possible to visual recall in a visual recall state.

      One can learn to focus on individual body senses, even dream in single senses alone. It just takes years of exploration and examination.

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      You're on the right track. I think you just have to go further with what you're already doing, whatever that may be (focusing on awareness, RCing, MILDing...). Lucid dreams can only make you semi-lucid, which means you can't control what's going on around you, and you only briefly consider that you're dreaming.

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      For me it helps to have a clear idea or task in mind before I fall asleep that night. Other wise sometimes I will become lucid be happy I was able to become lucid then ask my self what next. It is times like these I either go with the flow of the dream dropping down to about 20% lucidity or like you I will wake up. Now I make sure I have a clear notion of what I would like to complete in the dream before I go to sleep that night. I do this by telling my self the task. Like one of the tasks I want to complete is finding a brass key in a mountain stream. So I will tell my self before bed I will find the brass key in the mountain stream tonight.

      I would suggest with first starting out lucid dreaming to make a list of about 10 things you would like to do with lucid. It can be anything from flying, trying to taste something, fighting anything you wish, working on control, summoning/finding your dream guide etc. It really does not matter how big or small the task is you wish to complete, but rather the goal to complete it.

      I hope this helps a little.

      Take Care,

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      I agree with dreaming ghost. Have an idea in mind before you fall asleep. It can be very simple to start with (I will look at my hand,) but what you are doing is creating conscious intent within the dream space. Even something as simple as remembering to look at your hand can snap you into a high enough level of awareness that you can decide what to do from there on.

      For me, I plan out most of my lucid ideas while awake, so that when I find myself in a dream I have an idea of what I want to do already in my mind, and there isn't much decision making that I have to do within the dream itself.

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