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      Trouble with stabilization and control.

      Okay, so recently I've managed to execute the FILD technique successfully with some element of regularity. Maybe once a night for the last four or five I've managed to successfully enter the dream state using FILD.

      The problem occurs for me after this point; as soon as I do the reality check and realise I'm lucid, I can't move. All my FILD's end up with me lying in my bed. The room generally is relatively clear, but it feels like I have invisible bonds stopping me from getting up and out of bed. Last night I thought I would overcome this problem by being more patient and attempting to stabilize my dream whilst in bed before attempting to move. I decided that I would look at my hands; but when I looked down and put my hands out, they were invisible. I had no hands, So after that I decided I may aswell try and get up, this is where I feel these strange preventive forces and my dream loses any visual clarity and the scene begins to fade.

      I'd love to hear from anybody who has experienced and overcome similar problems in the past.

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      I've heard this problem before. Try to change to dream scenario. Sink through your mattress into a park or something where you're standing. Alternatively, try to think logically about your situation. Invisible bonds? Just cut the clear plastic bands, or remove the velcro under your body.
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      please tell me if i am wrong ok, but here is what i think well my opinion anyway

      i do not think you were completely paralyzed, that's why you couldn't move you were in a sense in no mans land, but how were you trying to move hmmm? not with the physical i hope that's usually a mistake most people make, its something learnt with experience and playing around in those states,
      cause at that stage you found your self is a mental state, you don't enter a dream with your physical body but your mind! you don't use your body to enter the dream, that could cause the paralyzation to cease and you don't want that, when you first find your self in these states of mind, its important to focus on how deep it is, usually for the more intense rock solid paralyzation , i use the rock ur boat or roll outer ur body technique this is most likely where peeps gotten stuck on, you don't actually try roll outer your body, but more the sensation of it happening and you keep pushing this feeling generating it you see in this state its kinda a mix of a little physical and a little mental, until you just do it and its going to feel like you are actually really doing it to! there will be no difference in the feeling also, its going to feel exactly the same, some people don't even know they entered a dream or a obe! lol ;D
      now back to your dream, i feel you were lesser paralyzed am i right? wasn't as pronounced? maybe you could move your body slightly? real body i mean.
      in these states you gotta relax man, cause your closer to waking up completely, i believe in these states you gotta move into a dream thur the black screen, most people would call this wilding!
      just focus blackness, project it outwards a bit further if possible... paint a picture let pictures and thoughts come and go and breath!
      this way of entry is kinda a tease and please format, you gotta tease those landscapes you see flash in ur mind by going into the black screen which is now that screen, be patient or the dream will run! keep teasing it going inwards and out, and eventually the dream will come and you will come forward and merge with the dream....

      tell me what you think



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