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      Realize I'm dreaming, and this happens

      This has happened a lot to me lately and it's really annoying.

      Last night is a good example

      Near the end of my dream, I was in a bathroom (in between trying to be killed by certain people) and then I realized I was dreaming.. I tried to teleport myself, even saying the name of the place, trying to imagine it, but instead, all I got was reappearing in a large hall and the character trying to kill me began to mock me for trying to teleport away from him..

      I'm pretty sure this happens to a lot of people
      But when I suddenly reach the level in which I have a good awareness that I'm dreaming
      and am eager to teleport, nothing happens... or if I actually do teleport, I end up getting half of what I desired and then having that scene end short by unknowingly taking an elevator or escalator into a different setting

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      Well...I have a theory...
      At first it happened a couple of times back when you didn't know how to deal with it...
      Soon enough,you might have began to believe this might happen again...It's what happens with most people...
      Here's my suggestion,don't teleport...
      Create a door with the name of the location written on it...Too add to that,carry a gun...
      In case something goes wrong...but you must believe that that door will take you to your destination...
      Iff the guys are gonna chase you...might as well make it fun and take them out with the gun^^...
      On the other hand...why carry a gun?Naah...carry a Bullpup

      Hope it helps man...
      The idea is to remain in a constant state of departure while always arriving..

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