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      Act like you're the boss

      I was about to buy some cookies at the market, when I realized I only had 3$ and the cash register said it was 20$ (yeah). So I thought HOW AWESOME would it be if I was dreaming and could buy it for any price... So I pinched my nose and heard myself in bed breathing, voi la. I was so close to wake though.
      Then I shouted at the bunker "I'll pay 3$ for this" and so I did. He wouldn't argue with me, the owner of his world, I think. Ate my cookies, tasted like the best I've ever had, so real...
      Heard a lot of sounds at the market, from the avenue outside too: they were loud. Imagined a volume button and turned it lower. And so I ran out remembering the dream could end anytime. Raised my hand, noticed there was an odd distance between middle finger && ring finger. I "reformed" 'em back to normal.

      First thing in my mind now: fly. So I jumped like I was on a comic novel and flew fast ('bout 50 m/h), the wind blowing my ears, my t-shirt fluttering behind me, had to close my eyes due to the wind, shivering as I was flying high. Fell in the street in front of a car, hurt myself very bad, but it was nothing compared to the stamina I was feeling. Flew more 3 times and I was good at it *PROUD*

      The dream was over, as well as my skepticism about some LD myths

      In the end, all you have to do is familiarize wishing real situations to be dreams, and occasionally will find yourself controlling the circumstances around you such as the price of something, volume, gravity, your own body... If you expect the changes to happen, they sure will.

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      Hey, absolutely. Lots of people enjoy total control. Sounds like a good experience!

      Dream on...

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      Sometimes my DCs sort of instinctively know that I'm "the boss," even in non-lucids, sometimes they're all spontaneously deferential to me... it can be creepy haha

      im back bitches

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      (Very outdated... I'll start a new one when I get some free time)

      Project Pandora [B]
      ~ I'll give this some attention, maybe get it going again some time in the future

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