First off tell me if this is normal...

When I DO go into SP I can INSTANTLY open my eyes into a dream.. Is this normal?

Anyways... When I do do this (Even though I've only done it twice..) first I usually enter the dream in the spot I was when I went to sleep..

E.G. I layed down for an afternoon nap, not expecting a WILD instead I went into SP accidentally and I opened my eyes into a dream.. This is how it went down...

I could open my eyes like halfway and see the room a bit. I had a LOT of trouble keeping them open..

I tried to get up.. It was a strain.. So hard to move my limbs.

I closed my eyes and literally THREW myself to the bed across the room.. I opened my eyes and turned my head so I could see into the living room.. The TV wasn't normal.. It was smaller... The dream faded...

1. How do I keep my dream eyes open?

2. How do I move?!

3. Should I go into the dream instantly?

Please and thank you..